Welcome to Scholarship/Financial Aid Information Night

Welcome to Scholarship/Financial Aid Information Night

COLLEGE, SCHOLARSHIP AND FINANCIAL AID INFORMATION EDUCATIONAL CHOICES 2-year (or less) technical or certificate program 2-year college, then transfer to 4-year university 4-year university EXPLORING CAREERS Choose a career, NOT a major. Parents and students often make the mistake of focusing on a degree rather than a career. Remember that a degree is not necessarily a ticket to a

career. Planning is key! Take a look at the college course of study for a major in which you are interested. Your high school coursework should mirror the college course of study. Think outside the box! There are thousands of careers. There are very good career opportunities that do not require a four year degree. ALABAMA CAREER PLANNING SYSTEM HTTP://WWW.AL.KUDER.COM/ ALABAMA CAREER PLANNING SYSTEM Includes 3 Assessments

Career Interests Skills Confidence (What do I think Im good at?) Work Values (What is important to me.income, accomplishment, prestige, etc.?) Will allow you to search careers related to your test results. Includes an online portfolio that students will always have access to. Each student is required to update their fouryear educational plan in this system each year. (9th-Career Prep B, 10th- Career Prep B, 11th- English class) PREPARING FOR COLLEGE As a freshman, make good grades, take preap classes, get involved, start a resume, and

read. As a sophomore, make good grades, take the PSAT, take ACT/SAT if youve completed Algebra 2, get involved, take rigorous classes, update your resume, read, and explore careers that interest you. As a junior, take the PSAT, take the ACT/SAT, research colleges, make college visits, update your resume, make good grades in challenging classes, and explore careers that interest you. PREPARING FOR COLLEGE (CURRENT SENIORS)

As a senior, APPLY! Applications should be completed in the fall of your senior year. Applying online is preferred by most colleges. Request a transcript be sent to any college to which you send an application. Study for and retake the ACT. Apply for a FSA ID. Complete your FAFSA beginning October 1st (using 2015 tax returns). A College Fair and FAFSA Workshop is schedule at CHHS October 2nd from 5-7pm. You will need a FSA ID for both parent and student

and a copy of your 2015 Federal Tax Return. Check the CHHS Website at least once a week for scholarship opportunities and announcements. PSAT, ACT, SAT-I, SAT-II PSAT-Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test Take in the junior year as qualification for National Merit Scholarships. October 25th, must have signed up. SAT I-Scholastic Aptitude Test (Reasoning Test) Take in the sophomore year if youve completed

Alg. 2/Trig Take in the middle of the junior year SAT II-Subject Area Tests Take as recommended by the college(s) to which you plan to apply. PSAT, ACT, SAT-I, SAT-II ACT-American College Testing Take in the sophomore year if youve completed Alg.2 Take at least twice during the junior year. Repeat either the ACT or SAT at the end of

the junior year and again at the beginning (Sept/Oct/Dec) of the senior year as needed. What is a good score on the ACT? 20-24 for admissions 27&up for academic scholarships ACT/SAT PREPARATION Study! Even before you take the test for the first time. There are free practice booklets in guidance Websites www.collegeboard.com (SAT and PSAT) www.actstudent.org (ACT)

Prep Classes in Enterprise and Dothan ACT prep classes offered at CHHS There is a list of ACT Prep Options on the CHHS website. WHAT DOES IT COST? ESCC $146 per credit hour X 12 hours=$1,752 $550 for books Room/Board= Mom & Dad Total=$2,302/semester

WHAT DOES IT COST? Tuition and fees for one semester=$5,600 $550 for books Room =$2,182 Board=$1,744 Total=$10,076 per semester Four year total= $81,000 WHAT DOES IT COST? University of Alabama 12-16

hours of undergraduate study & fees=$5,635 Dining Dollars - $325 Meal Plan/Board-$2,100 (required for Freshmen) Room-$4,425 Books & Supplies - $600 Total=$12,760/semester Four year total= approximately $102,080 Note: Out of state tuition is 2-3 times that of an in-state student regardless of college. HOW TO PAY FOR IT! Federal

Aid Grants Work Study Student Loans Scholarships Military Benefits Other Sources THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT Need based aid Based on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Completed in October of senior year using prior year tax returns. www.fafsa.ed.gov Determines Expected Family Contribution (EFC) Complete whether or not you THINK you are eligible THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT Financial aid packages can include:

Federal Pell Grant (2016-17 maximum is $5,815 per year) FSEOG-Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant ($100-$4000 per year) for students with exceptional financial need. Varies by school. TEACH Grant for teaching careers ($4,000 per year). Must sign agreement to serve. Visit www.teachgrant.ed.gov FWS-Federal College Work-Study Program Loans-Subsidized and Unsubsidized Lots of information available at www.studentaid.ed.gov

MORE ON LOANS Direct Subsidized Loans-loans made to eligible undergraduate students who demonstrate financial need to help cover the costs of higher education at a college or career school. Government covers the interest while in school. Direct Unsubsidized Loans are loans made to eligible undergraduate, graduate, and professional students, but

in this case, the student does not have to demonstrate financial need to be eligible for the loan. Direct Parent-PLUS Loans are loans made to parents of dependent undergraduate students to help pay for education expenses not covered by other financial aid. Federal Perkins Loans are for students with exceptional need. Students can borrow up to $5,500 per year. A student can borrow $5,500 to $12,500 per year in Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans. First year students can borrow a max of $5,500. UNIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIPS Academicmeet requirements and apply by the deadline. (Refer to handout.) Foundation, Departmental, Leadership may involve an interview, resume, etc.

Check each colleges website for these scholarships. You may also call the financial aid office of the college. Fill out the scholarship application if one is required. Performance Scholarships (Athletic, Performing Arts, etc.)usually involves a tryout or audition Athletes, make sure you register with the NCAA. Coaches and Band/Choir instructors can be very helpful. UNIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIPS ACADEMIC EXAMPLE

Example #1: University of Alabama 27 ACT/3.5 GPA=$3,500 per year ($14,000 total) 28 ACT/ 3.5 GPA=$4,000 per year ($16,000 total) 29 ACT/3.5 GPA=1/2 tuition ($20,940 total) 30-36 ACT/ 3.5 GPA=full tuition, $10,470 per year ($40,800 total) UNIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIPS ACADEMIC Example #2 Troy University 28 ACT/ 3.5 GPA=Full Tuition 32 ACT/3.7 GPA= Tuition, Room, and Board Leadership Scholarship, 23 ACT/3.0 GPA= amount varies

Troy stacks or super scores for the ACT Deadline is March 1 All applications for Troy are online. Make sure to visit Troys website to explore other scholarship opportunities. PRIVATE (FOUNDATION) SCHOLARSHIPS Private Scholarships EHS Website- Click on College & Career and then Files

Use a scholarship search engine such as FastWeb, Petersons, Niche, AchieveAlabama. Check affiliations with church, employers, civic groups, etc. Usually smaller amounts at a time. Can take to any college. No limit on the number you apply for. MILITARY SCHOLARSHIPS

Academy Appointments-start early in junior year, highly selective, requires a Congressional Nomination, explore summer seminar programs between junior and senior year ROTC ScholarshipsApply to college and for ROTC Scholarship Navy, www.nrotc.navy.mil Air Force, www.afrotc.com Army, www.goarmy.com Veterans Affairs Office-one at every college Veterans Benefits Visit www.todaysmilitary.com, click on Benefits, and then tuition support Parents GI Bill. Info is available at www.gibill.va.gov or call 1888-442-4551 OTHER SOURCES OF FUNDING

Savings (both student and parent) PACT 529 Plans Private Loans Private or alternative loans are credit-based loans for students and parents of students. Private student loan terms vary. Make sure to shop around and be smart. Join the Military (Guard or Reserves has excellent educational benefits that allow you to attend college.) ASVAB will be given Nov. 3

at EHS. Get a job and work your way through college. STUDENT EXAMPLE- 22 ACT, 4.01 GPA University Scholarships Troy University Leadership Scholarship ($10,800) Troy University Heritage ($500) Troy University Car Tag ($1,000) ESCC 50th Anniversary ($1,000)* ESCC Art Department ($500)* Foundation Scholarships Roy Shoffner Memorial ($2,000) Defenders Law Enforcement ($2,500) Lions Club ($1,000) American Legion Auxiliary ($3,400) Total: $22,700 offered, $10,400 accepted Applied for close to 50 scholarships!

STUDENT EXAMPLE, 30 ACT, 4.30 GPA University Scholarships Spirit of Auburn Founders ($32,000)* Auburn College of Agriculture ($2,000)* Auburn 4H Involvement ($6,400)* John Hopkins University ($181,600) UAB ($40,184) Foundation Scholarships GE-Reagan Scholarship ($40,000) Southeast AL Gas District ($1,500) AL Youth Swine Association ($4,860) ALFA ($3,500) Candy Burton Memorial Scholarship ($500) Sanbuck Insurance ($1,000) National Peanut Festival ($5,000) NSHSS ($1,500)

Total: $320,544 offered, $90,760 accepted IN A NUTSHELL. Paying for a college education may require pulling from several different funding sources. Full-rides (tuition, room, board, books, and fees) are unusual. Going to college requires planning, saving, researching, and dedication. College is a big investment! Give it the time and attention that it deserves. A WORD OF CAUTION Private scholarship search companies who charge for

services may or may not be reputable. They CANNOT guarantee that you will receive funds. Never pay to complete the FAFSA form. If you need help, contact me or the financial aid administrator at any college or university.

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