Welcome to Second Grade!

Welcome to Second Grade!

Agenda 2nd Grade Presentation in auditorium Return to Classrooms Sign up or volunteer Teacher packet Visitation Teachers Available in Classrooms Welcome to Second

Grade! Mrs. OConnor Mrs. Stephens Mrs. Adams 6 Day Rotation Schedule Please refer to your district calendar for the day number. Included in your packets is a Special Area schedule. Due to the rotating schedule pay careful attention to PE and Library days so that students are prepared.

WIN Time What I Need 30 minutes will be built into each day to meet each child's needs. No new learning will take place during this time. Push-in and pull-out services will primarily occur at this time. Writing -Pre-assessment using an on demand writing prompt -Explicit teaching using a shared checklist

-Post-assessment using an on demand writing prompt to show student progress in each of the 3 writing units -Explore, Draft, Edit, Peer Conference & Revise -Writing Conferences -Focus on neat handwriting and application of grammar rules Writing Units Personal Narrative, Opinion & Informational

Word Study This year students will use a program called Spelling Connections Differentiated word lists to meet students at their instructional level Teaches patterns and builds vocabulary that makes for stronger thinkers, readers and writers Spelling lists that develop fluency through understanding, not repetition Pre and post assessments will take place in the classroom

and word lists will be sent home as part of weekly homework Reading What Does It Look Like? Shared mini-lesson (whole group) Teacher guided reading (small groups) Independent reading Listening to reading Partner reading

Home Connection - Encourage Reading Every Day Individually, together, check-ins Time or Coach? Strategy (guide in packet) You are an essential role model Speaking & Listening Classroom Discussions Listening & participating

Listening To & for directions To the teacher & classmates Expressing Themselves Complete sentences Transfers to writing Report Card Standards

-Follows oral and written directions -Engages effectively in group discussions -Answers text-based questions with details Social Studies & Science Communities, Geography, Civics & Citizenship School to Work Lecture Series -Sign up in the classroom

Units of Study Save the Bees Interacting Matter Measurement Sign up for Science Action if interested. Math Problem-based Interactive Learning Multiple Representation Critical & Flexible Thinking

Main Focus: Conceptual Understanding Addition/Subtraction Fluency of Math Facts* Number Concepts Place Value Additional Topics Taught

Graphing Money Measurement Geometry *End of Year Goal: 30 + math facts in 2 minutes. Example of Multiple Representation

23 + 12 ------35 23 + 10 +2 33

35 Homework District homework expectations for second grade is 20 minutes per night- starts in October

Weekly reading log -Students expected to read at least 60 minutes per week -Minutes recorded in weekly reading log which will be returned to school at the end of each week Additional practice opportunities will be a part of

weekly homework. Monthly home projects for classroom display Take Home Folder Check Daily for: -handouts -permission slips

-notes Return homework & permission slips in take home folder Student of the Week Each child - 1 week Home component Bucket Filling

Based on: Focus on positive Bucket filling vs bucket dipping Nuts & Bolts Healthy Snack fruits, veggies, pretzels Scholastic Book Orders optional Birthdays- No treats due to allergies

Dismissal Sign In & Out -Pick up should occur in the main lobby First Week of School First Day of School September 4th Home Project items due Monday 9/9 Collage of Self due Wednesday 9/11

Conferences & Report Cards Half Day Conferences December 3rd December 5th December 10th Report Cards November 26th

March 13th Last Day of School Report Cards New Report Cards -Focused on point in time rather than end of the year goals Scores -Progress graded using a number scale

-4 represents meeting grade level expectations and 1 is not yet meeting grade level expectations -Each content area will also have an effort score -Its possible for scores to fluctuate throughout the year based on student understanding of content taught Field Trips Remind App 2nd grade teachers will use the Remind app as

a way to stay connected. Please follow the directions sent home by your classroom teacher to sign up. Classrooms Sign Ups On Your Childs Desk Please take home the information packet and rolled poster board for

collage of self project We look forward to working with you this year. 2O Room 112 2S- Room 111 2A- Room 110

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