Well on Target - Oklahoma Panhandle State University

Well on Target - Oklahoma Panhandle State University

Well on Target Youll need your BCBS insurance card http://www.bcbsok.com/osu/index.html My Portal Eight (8) tabs you can access Home My Coverage Claims Center

My Health Doctors & Hospitals Forms & Documents Quick Links Message Center Home Terms of Service You may be asked to agree to the terms of

service. You should agree and click continue Next, a Contact Preferences window will pop up You will need to put your phone number, Best time to contact you, Time zone, and contact preference (phone or email). Save and continue. You will then be directed to the Well on Target Dashboard

My Coverage This table shows all members in your plan and the types of coverage they each have. Please note that all individuals who have been members in your plan within the last 18 months may be shown here, even if they are not members in your plan today. My Coverage Benefits-Medical and

Prescription Drugs Member Advantages-Discounts (an online destination for health-focused discounts.) Related Links (information on Blue Card programs, COBRA, and Request an ID card) Claims Center Your plan year started on 01/01/2013, however, you may

search for claims up to 18 months prior to today's date. The default view is of your current plan year. To view older claims (up to 18 months prior to today), simply enter in a date range in the fields to the left. As you adjust your search to different date ranges or apply filters, the summary table will update to reflect the sum for the claims that met your search or filter criteria. Claims are sorted by service end date. To sort them by another category, simply click the column label. You can click on any listing below to view claim details. If you've

searched for specific claims, the table will show search results automatically. Search by Claim Number or Narrow your search Health Care School- this tab is under the Help link

Understanding your health care has never been easier Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma has developed Health Care School, available for free in Blue Access for Members SM (BAM), to help you learn how to get the most from your health insurance benefits. Understanding Deductibles The Difference Between In- and Out-of-Network Providers

How to Talk to a Doctor Prescription Drugs My Health Health Assessment to help you measure the status of your health Self-directed Courses to help you reach your wellness goals With the Life Points program, you can earn

points by completing specific activities and achieving goals online Tracking tools and interactive health calculators Doctors and Hospitals Forms and Documents Quick Links

Go to your Well on Target Dashboard. View Health Resources and your Life Points Receive a $250 credit for the member and covered spouse by completing the Health Assessment Register for Fitness Works to earn Blue Life points. The

Noble Center is a designated Fitness Center Quick access to find a doctor and/or hospital Well on Target Ways to earn Life Points: Health Assessment There will be a FREE On-site Health Check, Catapult, at OPSU on

November 13th and 14th. Catapult is a fully mobile onsite clinic and it will be at OPSU to provide professional care to all BCBS covered employees and spouses. Remember: 2014 Deductible will increase from $500.00 to $750.00 for Individual/ $2,250.00 for Family. Members will receive a deductible credit of $250.00 for Employee and Spouse when the online Health Assessment is completed between July 2013-December 2013. Making an appointment to visit Catapult will be an excellent opportunity

to get the tests you need for the Health Assessment. You must make an appointment with the On-Site Health Clinic, Catapult, by going to www.Timeconfirm.com/okstate or by calling the interactive voice schedule at (800)741-8821. When making your appointment online, the Group ID is 022215. Wellness Challenge The challenge will begin October 7, 2013 and will go through

December 19, 2013. In this challenge, each participant will be required to sign a log-in/out sheet. Participants will be required to walk/exercise three (3) days a week for thirty (30) minutes (any time less than the required amount will not qualify for an entry into the monthly drawings). Exercise of any kind may be logged one time per day. Login sheets will be located in SL 111 & 125 and the Noble Center 3 monthly drawings for 1st ($50 GC), 2nd ($30 GC), and 3rd ($20 GC) place on Oct. 31, Nov 25, and Dec 19. Winners will be notified via email. (Names cant be drawn twice in a month)

The Grand prize drawing will be held on December 20, 2013 to finish the challenge and give away an Apple i-Pad. Thank you A big thank you to BCBS for contributing to: Walk to Wellness Kick off (9-24- 13)

Well on Target luncheon (10-113) Wellness Challenge (10/7/13-

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