What Am I Doing Here? - Pmi-mn

What Am I Doing Here? - Pmi-mn

LUNCH AND LEARN Two of my favorite activities! by Kathy Schwalbe www.kathyschwalbe.com PMI-MN Oct. 12, 2017 Building a successful career using a

variety of project management skills Summary of my career path Examples of project management skills that help in building a career and balancing it with your personal life 2

I didnt talk until I was 3! 3 I was often bored in school 4 When I was 16, I

told my parents I wanted to go to college. My dad said, What do you want to go to college for? Youll just get married like your sister did! 5

Avon, MN 1982 But I decided I was just as smart as other kids, and my dads motivation strategy worked! Notre Dame, 1981 6

Notre Dame, 1981 University of Minnesota Ph.D. 1996 Personal experiences motivate people First dental visit Sports School games

Remembering my Uncle Petes advice Taking advantage of opportunities Helping others who needed more confidence and knowledge 7 The Air Force helped me a lot, financially and in gaining leadership experience and confidence.

Basic training, 1979 8 Hanscom AFB, 1983 Leadership examples Learning to delegate Bosss bosss reaction to inappropriate comments Seeing that bosss boss screaming at

people Experimenting with different styles Being yourself 9 After the Air Force We had two children before my husband got out of graduate school off to St Louis McDonnel Aircraft Company (now part of

Boeing) was the place to be Practiced more skills in communications, technology, and teamwork Shocked to be on the lay off list after several rounds of layoffs 10 Communications skills Being astute

Developing empathy Practicing speaking skills Being noticed for good writing skills 11 After Boeing Took a risk and became an independent consultant at an oil company Spent more money and got more projects

done in 9 months than the previous 10 years! Developed more skills in leadership, negotiating, stakeholder engagement, technology, mentoring, and entrepreneurship Was also yelled at by my boss for the first time! 12 Move to academia I always told my students I could afford to go into teaching

after being an independent consultant! Envied the lifestyle, learned pretty quickly how to focus on student learning and knowledge transfer versus just teaching, discovered my knack for writing Taught at Augsburg College for 24 years (adjunct at the U of MN for 7 years) Wrote my first book in 1999, now working on the ninth edition of IT Project Management; self-published the sixth edition of An Introduction to Project Management in Sep 2017; working on second edition of Healthcare Project Management

Retired from teaching to have more time for writing and my personal life; found my passion and purpose 13 I never imagined Id end up being a teacher or a writer/publisher. Last PM class at Augsburg, May 2015

14 So, What Words of Wisdom Can I Share With You? Take advantage of opportunities Necessity is the mother of invention; reason I started writing books! Dont be afraid to take risks; its never too late to try something new

15 Learn From Others, and Keep Learning My Ph.D. program included a course called Teaching and Learning in Higher Education What part of learning is really in a teachers control? Structure of the course Clarity of presentation

I continue to learn by taking Master Classes, reading a lot, and connecting with others 16 Life is precious; take time to enjoy it! 17

Questions? Feel free to contact me at [email protected] www.kathyschwalbe.com (pmtexts.com) www.intropm.com 18

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