What are your expectations of university?

What are your expectations of university?

Planning for University Fall 2017 Presentation Admission Requirements For Ontario Universities You Need: 30 Credits 40 Hours of Volunteer Service & OSSLT SIX Grade 12 U or M level courses (one of which must usually be ENG4U1) For some specialty programs, specific Science or Math credits may be required

Admission Requirements Continued Arts degrees generally do not require a grade twelve

Math or Science credit (although some elementary Teachers Colleges require a grade 12 U-level Math) Most Science degrees require 2 4U Math courses, and 2 4U Science courses (SNC4M is NOT accepted in place of a required Science course) Also, check to see if calculus must be one of the math courses, or if any two math courses are accepted. Business degrees may require 2 math courses and MHF and MCV are often specified Specific schools will have other application requirements (e.g. Queens PSE) which can be found on the eINFO

website Let Us Know. about any night school or private school courses that you are taking; we need to make sure these courses get onto your

university application Check your latest status sheet for summer school entries; make sure they are there You will not be able to walk across the stage without 30 completed credits on your status sheet in June MyBlueprint.ca Clearly outlines prerequisites for different programs and schools in Canada Allows you to enter your high school courses to see which programs you are

eligible for (College, University, Apprenticeship, Workplace) Budget feature lets you see the cost of College/University. Note: New Fall 2017 Homepage!! Use your ESS network login here! Use your

ESS network login here! After you have logged on, you will see this screen. CLICK on Activities to see what percentage your IPP is at as you work toward 100% Get your IPP to 100%; assess your post-secondary options.

Search program, University, College and find out about your choices If you would like to take accounting see all the choices you may have Searching for accounting may lead you to search business, or commerce or bookkeeper to find even more pathways

www.electronicinfo.ca An online information guide about Ontario university programs, admission requirements and additional resources Information is uploaded directly from Ontario Universities What

marks do I need to get in??? What courses do I need to take NOW? Admission Averages

You DO NOT APPLY for early admission. Early offers may be made if your grade 11 marks were strong. You will retain the offer if your grade 12 marks meet the Universitys minimum average as stated in your acceptance letter.

Grade 12 MID-TERM marks in Semester one are not used for admission consideration to universities (Note: Colleges DO use sem.1 midterms!) Offers are based on the average of your top 6 grade 12 U/M marks any prerequisite courses must be included in this average. Every program and University has its own minimum admission average. Each University has different rules about repeated courses and upgraded marks in this calculation. Do your homework!

Levels Are Important Did you know? If you wanted to enter the Powerline Technician program at Algonquin College the required prerequisites are Grade 12 English and Grade 12 Math. The following two students would be assessed as having equal prerequisites for this program, and the student on the right side might end up on the waiting list! Student A

Student B MAP4C1 92 % MHF4U1 - 75% ENG4C1 - 94 % ENG4U1 - 77% SPH4C1 - 88 %

SPH4U1 - 72% Consider Employment Outcomes in Combination with Post-Secondary Education Planning

Grad employment rates How employment relates to graduates fields of study Top occupations and graduation rates Google Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities and click on Labour Market Types of Degrees Undergraduate Degree: (3 year General or 4 year Honours) Graduate Degree: must have Undergraduate

Degree first. Ex/ Masters Degree MBA Master of Business Administration (following a 4 year Business degree) Doctorate: taken after Masters Program (i.e. Ph.D.) Professional: (i.e. L.L.B. Lawyer) Undergraduate Degrees

Note that similar university programs may have different names. For example: Commerce, Business, & Business Administration Physical Education, Kinesiology, & Human Kinetics Consecutive/Concurrent Teacher education programs can be either

consecutive or concurrent Consecutive - two year degree program after undergraduate is completed i.e. B.Sc. followed by B.Ed. Concurrent program is combined with undergraduate degree and takes 5-6 years to complete Consider the job market in your research too

Collaborative Degrees Collaborative degrees offer a degree with a college and university experience Minimum 4 year program start as skillsbased (College) then become more theorybased You apply to the whole degree (all parts at

both campuses) in Gr. 12 at www.ouac.on.ca i.e. York-Georgian Collaborative BScN (nursing) (Note: not the same as starting in RPN and bridging to RN) i.e. Algonquin-Carleton Collaborative BIT http://www.ouac.on.ca/docs/101/collab_b.pdf Apply at www.ouac.on.ca these are all degree programs! CO-OP @ University Earn credits while doing a paid job

Great option for financing your education Gain career specific experience, training and networking opportunities Entry level mark cutoffs are generally higher Second year co-op may be an option at some schools www.eINFO.com lists co-op programs available Degrees in Demand:

Offered By Colleges! Historically only Universities offered 4-year degree programs but now Colleges do too! The degree credential is the SAME as that earned at a University. Degree programs at Colleges allow you to develop career-specific, hands-on skills in addition to acquiring academic theory. Check out college websites for more details You apply at ontariocolleges.ca with separate $95 fee for 5 programs

Seneca College has the only Aviation Technology degree program in Canada Apply at www.ontariocolleges.ca look at the Bachelor/Degree options! Post-Graduate Certificates One-year certificates after completing a diploma or degree Do a CREDENTIAL SEARCH at

ontariocolleges.ca Example: A student attends Brock University for Recreation therapy Degreefollowed by attending Durham College for a Gerontology Graduate Certificate. Ontariocolleges.ca Campus Visits or School Visits Campus tours are a good way of seeing the University campus and getting answers to any questions you may have; consider

visiting campuses on holidays or weekends Dates and times of University visits to Eastview are in the handout you will receive at the conclusion of the assembly; they are also in your AGENDA. Heres an opportunity to begin your post-secondary research at a Toronto Trade Show Meet with Canadian Universities and Colleges

Ontario Universities Fair Metro Toronto Convention Centre FREE ADMISSION, FREE GIVEAWAYS & SCHOLARSHIPS Friday, Sept. 22, 10 a.m. 5 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 23, 10 a.m. 5 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 24, 10 a.m. 5p.m. Universities Outside Ontario www.studyandgoabroad.com

University Fair Metro Toronto Convention Centre Saturday, October 1st @ 1:00-5:00 p.m. Check out website above for details! Closer to Home University Information Fair @ St. Petes,

Monday, October 16th from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Mock Lecture, Lakehead University, Orillia Campus; date TBD. Several Grade 12 classrooms will be invited to participate once we have a date. If you are interested please let Ms. McIntyre know. Gap Year

Should I apply to university this year if I plan on taking a gap year right after high school? The answer is think long, hard, and realistically. The fee to apply is costly. If you plan on a gap year, save your money and apply the following year. ESS Guidance can still help you! Have an IEP?

Take a recent copy of your IEP and shop around at schools of interest Ask what accommodations they offer students, such as: -assistive technology -scribes -copies of lecture notes -other accommodations listed on IEP JVIS

Dont know what you want to do? Try the Jackson Vocational Interest Survey (JVIS) to see which program/career is right for you. (See Guidance for a password starting next week)

MyBlueprint Also Has an Interest Survey: Before You Come to Guidance Do Some RESEARCH! Research individual University websites, Eastviews Guidance webpage, the eINFO site, etc.

Make sure you have all the prerequisites (MyBlueprint.ca) Check University course calendars they are available online S.A.T.s and Applying to

U.S. Schools Talk to Mr. Oxley in Guidance if you are interested in applying to a university in the United States Make sure you have all the required courses in some cases they are different than Ontario University requirements Cost of Studying at University Approximate 2017/18 Costs:

University Tuition $5800 - $9000 (varies depending on program) Room and Board $8500 $10,500 (less for room or food only) Off-Campus Living Varies Books and Supplies $700 - $1500 Personal Expenses $2500 or more

Transportation Varies Total Cost for One Year: $16,800 23,200 Source: http://www.ryerson.ca/about/data/g-expenses/ Financial Assistance OSAP (Ontario Student Assistance Program) You must be accepted into a university before you can apply for OSAP

There will be an OSAP workshop held on Tuesday, May 8th. It is in your AGENDA. Financial Assistance Continued SCHOLARSHIPS AND BURSARIES Plan to attend a workshop on scholarships and bursaries in the library (or room 207) on: Wed, Sept. 27th (Period 3) Thurs, Sept 28th (Period 4)

Wed, Oct. 25th @ 7 pm both students and parents/guardians are welcome (in the Caf) University Applications See the Bulletin Board Across from Guidance for a Summary Applications are done online at www.ouac.ca

Application to three Universities or three programs is $150 (maximum is two programs at any one school) Each University or program thereafter is $50

University Application due date is: January 17th, 2018 A confidential PIN # is required to apply to universities in Ontario. PIN #s will be distributed to Grade 12s in mid-November. (Please do not have your parents call Guidance to inquire about PIN

distribution; we will have them to you ASAP.) Application Help Sessions are available December 20th & 21st (both lunches) You need your credit card information to complete your application (deadline is January 17th); plan to attend the Help Sessions! After Eastview

You will each be given a resource booklet entitled After Eastview . Please DO NOT lose this booklet. It contains month by month directions on what you should be doing to get ready for your postsecondary life After Eastview.

It also lists important dates for University/College visits, and other important dates to remember. GRAD CHECKS Beginning next week you will receive a Guidance appointment slip to invite you to your one-on-one

graduation review with your Guidance Counselor. Please try and have some research done and bring any questions you may have. This important meeting will help ensure you are on track to meet your graduation goals. Mr. Wilson: A-C Ms. Garrett: L-Q Mr. Oxley: D-K Ms. McIntyre: R-Z

Follow Us on Twitter: @WildcatGuidance Questions?? ******************** (Please do NOT stack your chairs today.)

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