What is Philosophy?

What is Philosophy?

What is Philosophy? Philosophical Methods What is Philosophy? Well, its all Greek to me The word Philosophy comes from the Greek meaning: LOVE OF WISDOM Philosophers relentlessly pursue answers to the most fundamental questions.

Do philosophers know or do philosophy? Unlike specific content areas, philosophy is not defined or confined by any specific content area. Philosophers systematically study knowledge and the fundamental nature of the world. In other words, philosophy studies anything and everything! Do philosophers know or do

philosophy? Philosophy is a process for exploring certain kinds of questions. Soooo, do philosophers know or do philosophy? Philosophers DO philosophy! What the heck is doing Philosophy? Like a good philosopher, here is your not so straight answer

Philosophers DO NOT: Give opinions Speculate Talk aimlessly What the heck is doing Philosophy? Ok, I guess Ill tell you what philosophers do, do Thats right, I just said do do Philosophers DO: Investigate questions by giving arguments for particular answers Remember (Conclusion +

Premises = Proposition) Use logic to evaluate reasoning behind the Yesthat is a dress made out of meat! Do you recall the Lady Gaga argument? Doing philosophy is not winning a disputeits a constant state of searching for rational knowledge. But, is rational knowledge obtainable? Or, is everything in a state of irrationality, much like this dress?

Vocabulary Philosophical questions can be divided in three broad areas 1. Ontology: The study of being and/or existence AKA, Metaphysics: the study of what there really is in the world. What kinds of things exist? How are they related to one another? For instance, is the mind simply a brain or is there something that exists over and above our physical bodies? 2. Epistemology: The study of knowledge and justified belief. What are the necessary and sufficient conditions for knowledge? Can we know anything at all? When can a belief be said to be justified? 3. Axiology: The study of value judgments AKA, Value Theory. Axiology can be divided into two main philosophical types: ethical values and aesthetic values Ethical values: What makes an action right or wrong? Is morality subjective?

Aesthetic values: How do we define beauty? Are there objective criteria to call something art? What good could come of a Philosophy Degree? Matt Groening Philosophy graduates are found working for almost every type of employer in the public, private and notfor-profit sectors. Opportunities are available in arts-based areas like publishing, the media, journalism, advertising and

teaching, through to computing and IT. The Short List Typical employers include: local government and the Civil Service advertising, marketing and public relations agencies management consultancies secondary schools, further education colleges and higher education institutions law firms publishing companies charities banking and insurance companies accountancy firms

recruitment agencies. PETER THIEL If Peter Thiels name doesnt conjure up recognition, perhaps some of his technological creations and investments do. The co-founder and former CEO of Paypal also assisted in the development of Facebook, Yelp, Spotify, Yammer, LinkedIn, and plenty of other familiar and not-so-familiar online ventures. The hedge fund leader, venture capitalist, philanthropist, and all-around money-haver launched his billion-dollar career

after a stint at Stanford, where he completed work on a B.A. in philosophy. ETHAN COEN Along with brother Joel, Ethan Coen has produced some of modern cinemas most beloved masterpieces, such as Fargo, The Big Lebowski, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, No Country for Old Men, and plenty more. In 1979, he earned himself a philosophy degree from Princeton University, where his senior thesis dealt with language theorist (among other

things) Ludwig Wittgenstein. Fans of the pairs trademark quirky, occasionally staccato dialogue probably wont find this at all STEVE MARTIN California State University, Long Beach holds popular comedian, musician, writer, and general entertainer Steve Martin amongst its alumni. By then, he already managed to channel his own emotions and experiences into performing, leading one to understandably assume he probably pursued a degree path

involving drama or theatre. Philosophy piqued his fascination most of all, however, particularly when it came to ideologies regarding logic and language. ALEX TREBEK For $400. This Jeopardy host majored in philosophy at University of Ottawa. *Ding* Who is Alex Trebek? That is correct! He completed his diploma in 1961, then launched a television career two years later as the face of Canadian game show High Rollers. Other

stints on different programs followed before he finally landed his most famous and long-standing gig in 1984 JEOPARDY! BRUCE LEE Bruce Lees real emphasis at University of Washington dredges up quite the dispute! His official records state drama, but the martial arts superstar always claims philosophy as do many of his followers and fellow(?) majors. Regardless of how things

actually went down, he did in fact study the subject quite extensively, and frequently touted its role in shaping both his acting and his athletics. PHIL JACKSON Legendary Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers coach Phil Jackson accomplished much more than just sharpening his basketball (and track and field!) acumen while attending University of North Dakota. Players, contemporaries, administrators, and fans dont call him The Zen Master because he just loves getting his Bobby

Knight on. Inquiries into Eastern thought and Robert M. Pirsigs Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance won him 11 championships as a coach, added to the two earned as a player. He even published a book, Sacred Hoops, about how sport and philosophy RICKY GERVAIS This controversy-courting comedian behind beloved TV shows Extras and The Office (the original British series) majored in philosophy at the undergraduate level while attending University College

London. When asked about how it helped bolster his television career, he whipped out the old saw about monkeys and typewriters. Fans, however, can certainly see the humorous benefits of devoting time, energy, and money towards the philosophical arts if pursuing an NowWhat does doing philosophy really look like? Seriously, help me out here. Is rational knowledge obtainable? Lets talk about this before we watch this video.

PHILOSOPHY - Epistemology: The Problem of Skepticism [HD] https://www.youtube.com/watch ?v=PqjdRAERWLc What do you think? Is there absolute truth or knowledge? What philosophical type does

this video fall under? Can you point out the conclusion? What are some of the premises?

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