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IT Support for RHD Students November 2016 Name of presentation Month 2008 Where can I get help? 1. Call (07) 336 56000 2. Visit its.uq.edu.au 3. Email [email protected] As a RHD student you are able to access IT support the same as UQ staff. When you contact the ITS Service Desk, have the following information ready: Your username if you dont already have one, you need to get a staff

username (uqxxxxxx). You can forward your student email to your staff account if you need to for convenience. Your location Campus, Building, Floor, Room (really important) An alternative contact number mobile number if you have one If you arent on-site full-time, your availability USERNAME LOCATION MOBILE NUMBER - AVAILABILITY Name of presentation Month 2008

BACK UP YOUR DATA Please save your data to either your P: Drive (personal drive) or the shared drive for your research project. A USB Stick or External Drive is not an appropriate place to store your research data. If it fails, it can be $$$$$ to get your data back. You dont want that. We dont want that. There is a research version of Dropbox which you can have access to FOR FREE. Cloudstor+ USE APPROPRIATE STORAGE FOR YOUR VALUABLE DATA Name of presentation Month 2008 Interwebs on UQ Campuses You can use Eduroam to connect to wireless internet services on all UQ Campuses it is available at some but not all Queensland Health Hospital sites, Greenslopes Private Hospital,

Mater Hospitals and the Wesley/St Andrews. Username: [email protected] Password: UQ Password Off Campus If you need to access Shared Drives off campus, you will need: 1. An internet connection 2. The VPN client visit https://vpn.uq.edu.au Username: uqusername Password: uqpassword 3. The full path to the file share: \\nas02.storage.uq.edu.au\shares\ \\nas02.storage.uq.edu.au\homes\uqusername Name of presentation Month 2008 Software Licensing The University of Queensland or your Faculty may provide licensing for some of the software you may need during your

studies (e.g. SPSS or SAS) Further information: https://www.its.uq.edu.au/services/software If you have a UQ machine Software Centre (PC) or Self Service (MAC) is available for you to install your own specific software. Be aware of your machines specifications. To arrange for software to be installed that is not self servicable, or for software licensing quotes, contact IT Help. Should you need software that is not covered by a current agreement, you should discuss this with your supervisor. Name of presentation Month 2008 IT Resources New faculty scheme where advisers of new students will be able to assess needs. Http://medicine.uq.edu.au/research/rhd-student-support/rhd-com puting-support

Your first point of contact for IT resource requests is your supervisor or RHD Co-ordinator. Name of presentation Month 2008 Printing The Faculty uses follow-me-printing. This means there is one print queue that can print to the majority of printers without needing to select a specific printer. For Windows and Mac users print to: MED-Ricoh Then walk up to the device, tap your card and follow the prompts to release. Your student and staff cards will automatically be associated with the respective student or staff account. You can associate another card ie a GoCard (you dont need a balance). We recommend that you use your staff account instead of your student account.

To associate another card, tap at the printer and follow the prompts. TRI has a separate by similar system. If you need a hand, contact ITS. BACK UP YOUR DATA This was a 2TB mirrored system of someones important research data Both drives failed. He didnt have his data saved anywhere else. MAKE GOOD CHOICES EARLY WITH YOUR DATA STORAGE Use the data storage

provided by the University Name of presentation Month 2008 Code of conduct and Acceptable Use of ICT Resources Guided by the Code of conduct and Acceptable Use of ICT Resources. When you are on the University or Hospital Campuses, please try to avoid the 3 Ps: Poker Pornography Promises It is NOT OK to use the Internet to using online gambling.

It is NOT OK to use the Internet to view/record Pornography It is NOT OK to use torrent services, or to install unauthorised software on University computers. BE AWARE of scams both email and click scams. PLEASE dont mess with or swap around components of your computer with others such as montiors etc Name of presentation Month 2008

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