Where did Industry Originate?

Where did Industry Originate?

Where did Services Originate? 12.1 What are Services? Service Any activity that fulfills a human want or need and returns money to those who provide it Link with Settlements

A permanent collection of buildings, where people reside, work, and obtain services Issues to look at WHERE in SPACE Settlements Why Proximity to market (unlike industry) LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION

Is it based solely on POPULATION? NO! Local Diversity Types of Services Services can be categorized into 3 types:

Public Consumer Business Consumer Services Provide services to individual consumers who desire them and can afford to pay for them

Retail services provide goods for sale to customers (25% Personal services provide services for the well-being & personal improvement of

Personal Services Business Services There are two types of business services. These services facilitate other businesses by Producer providing services

primarily to help people conduct other business (16% of USA) (financial services/ex.banks, Transportation/ Information diffusing and distributing products

or information (7%) (trucking, publishing, broadcasting) Public Services Public services provide security and protection for citizens and business (4%). Employment Change in the U.S.

Growth in employment in the U.S. since 1970 has been entirely in the tertiary sector, with the greatest increase in professional services.

Early Settlements Based on archaeological evidence, settlements probably originated to provide personal servicesespecially religious and educational. Government and police services were also important. Eventuallytransportation, producer, Rural Settlements Most people in the world

still live in clustered rural settlements. -May have satellite settlements with similar names Dispersed rural settlements are typical in the modern U. S., since large tracts

of land are owned by Rural Settlement Patterns Circular settlement patterns are common in Germany. Linear long lot patterns are often found along rivers in France, and were transferred The Enclosure Movement

Between 1750 & 1850, the British govt encouraged people to consolidate small strips of land into a single large farm. This transformed Britain from a rural landscape of The Enclosure Movement Coincided with the Industrial Revolution People forced off farms Leads to Urban Migration

Farmsteads moved to more strategic locations

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