Windows NT/Borland C++ IDE

Windows NT/Borland C++ IDE

Afternoon Orientation: You & SCS (re)Introductionsre)IntroductionsIntroductions Class Statistics Survey Highlights Computing History: A Short Tour Academic Integrity Advice Quotes for the Day 8/25/05 2 It is important that students bring a certain ragamuffin, barefoot irreverence to their studies; they are not here to worship what is known, but to question it. - J. Brownoski (re)IntroductionsPhilosopher of Science)Introductions Questions are the important thing, answers are less important. Learning to ask a good question is the heart of intelligence. Learning the answer -well, answers are for students. Questions are for thinkers. - R. Schank (re)IntroductionsComputer Scientist, in "The Connoisseur's Guide to the Mind")Introductions Reintroductions: SCS Contacts Freshman Advisor (re)Introductions15-200/15-128)Introductions: Rich Pattis Upperclass Advisor (re)Introductions15-100/15-128)Introductions: Scott McElfresh Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Education: Mark Stehlik Undergraduate Program Administrator:

Cathy Fichtner SCS College Liason/Donner House Fellow: Rowshan Palmer SCS Career Consultant: Kevin Collins Generally faculty should first be addressed formally Professor is a bit more generic than Doctor; both are good starting points Herr Doctor Professor is the extreme form of European politeness If they want to move to a more informal level, they will tell you Please call us: Rich, Scott, and Mark 8/25/05 3 If you are bold, you can address me as, Oh Captain! My Captain! Make use of CMUs human resources Us, other faculty/staff, the upperclassmen, and your freshmen classmates We are an amazing collection of backgrounds, experiences, and cultures Introducing You to You Or, in Pittsburghese, Introducing Yunz to Yunz.

Google pittsburghese for more details In fact, always keep a browser running Google handy! SCS History The official undergraduate program started in 1994 Approximately 1,500 students have entered this program (re)Introductionsbefore you)Introductions This Year Prior to that, about 400 students did CS degrees in MCS The class of 2009 is the 12th class of SCS freshmen 1739 applied in SCS at CMU 384 were admitted 141 chose to become freshmen Youve done a spectacular job to earn your place here Everything starts anew next week

8/25/05 4 Some Easy Statistics Of 141 incoming freshmen, there are Overall Math 756 (re)Introductionslast year 754)Introductions: men 758/women 751 (re)Introductions< 1% gap)Introductions Overall Verbal 700 (re)Introductionslast year 686)Introductions: men 702/women 694 (re)Introductions< 1.2% gap)Introductions 800s First: 6 Andrew, 3 Daniel, 3 Robert, 20 pairs (re)Introductionslast year, 7 Joseph )Introductions Last : 2 Kim (re)Introductionslast year: 3 Lee, 2 Li, 2 Ma, 2 Yang)Introductions SAT Averages 110 men (re)Introductions78%)Introductions last year 68% 31 women (re)Introductions22%)Introductions last year 32% Name

8/25/05 5 31 Math, 14 Verbal (re)Introductionslast year: 48 Math, 11 Verbal)Introductions 2 students with both (re)Introductionslast year: 6 with both)Introductions Distribution in Fall Programming Courses (re)Introductionsapproximate)Introductions 15-100 (re)Introductions20%)Introductions, 15-200 (re)Introductions45%)Introductions, 15-113 (re)Introductions15%)Introductions, 15-211 (re)Introductions20%)Introductions In the Spring, 60% of you will be in 15-211 (re)Introductionsthose in 15-200 and 15-113)Introductions 8/25/05 6 Geography - US PA VA MD NJ MA CA NY FL NC OH CT IL NH TX DC MI CO ID IN KY LA

ME MN MO UT WV US Total 22 16 12 9 8 7 6 4 4 4 3 3 3 3 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 118 KY IN ID CO


OH CT IL NH TX DC MI CO ID IN KY LA ME MN MO UT WV 8/25/05 7 Geography - International South Korea Singapore India Brussels China Indonesia Turkey Taiwan International Total 9 6 5 1 1 1 1 1

25 Distribution by Countries Turkey Taiwan Indonesia China Brussels South Korea South Korea Singapore India Brussels China Indonesia India Turkey Taiwan Singapore Survey I: Highlights Expected High School GPA Actual High School Rank

Predicted average = 3.2 (re)Introductionsactual average, at the end of last year, 3.25)Introductions Expected Hours/Week Coursework at CMU 57 % said top 25% (re)Introductions96% said the top 50%)Introductions Expected CMU GPA (re)Introductionsat the end of the year)Introductions Now is the time for senior vacation to end Expected Rank at CMU Reported average = top 13% Students reported on average, working hardest in 11th grade Predicted average = 3.7 (re)Introductionsactual average 3.9)Introductions Predicted average = 53 (re)Introductionsactual reported by CMU freshmen 40-50)Introductions All the raw data will be posted tomorrow in an .xls spreadsheet 8/25/05 8 Survey I: Conclusions

Everyone here is smart Everyone here has high expectations for themselves What are your Goals? Short term: pass your classes Long term: graduate How should you measure accomplishment at CMU? What does it mean to be average at CMU? Grades are one way (re)Introductionsand they are important)Introductions, but not the best way The Worlds Most Famous C Working on projects (re)Introductionspaid or not)Introductions The CMU Race Predicting the Future The first few semesters: review vs. reach who has the advantage Personal stories: from Stanford; from the University of Washington (re)Introductionsnext page shows some freshman statistics from last years students)Introductions

8/25/05 9 Statistics for Last Years Freshmen 8/25/05 10 Survey II: Highlights 1/3 reported knowing about academic violations in their HS A quick CMU perspective (re)Introductionsmore later today)Introductions Top Academic Issues Time management/Not procrastinating (re)Introductionsthe sooner you get behind )Introductions Work load Non CS (re)Introductionsor non-technical)Introductions Courses Finding/Making friends Balancing work/life The first week will set an academic pattern for the next 4 years

Top Social Issues 8/25/05 11 Social patterns can change more readily than academic patterns About 1/2 listed some kind of job dealing with computers On average, each of you listed 2.5 famous computer scientists Develop a historical/cultural awareness Start a file of names/accomplishments (re)Introductionsin 4 years it will be huge)Introductions Famous Computer Scientists 8/25/05 12 Computing History: A Short Tour James Surowiecki, The Wisdom of Crowds Invention: real date (re)Introductionsmedian date: minimum maximum dates)Introductions Historical Abacus: 3000BC (re)Introductions565 BC: 5000BC 1800AD)Introductions

Slide Rule: 1620 (re)Introductions1600: 2000BC 1950 AD)Introductions Four-Function Mechanical Calculators: 1694 (re)Introductions1870: 1600BC 1970AD)Introductions Computer Architecture: 1842 (re)Introductions1930: 1600 1970)Introductions ; also, Jacquard Loom Premodern 8/25/05 13 Electronic Computers: 1946 (re)Introductions1950: 1800 1985)Introductions High-Level Programming Languages: 1945 (re)Introductions1975: 1900 1999)Introductions Fortran: 1957 (re)Introductions1970: 1930 1996)Introductions Modern Microprocessors: 1971 (re)Introductions1969: 1900 1995)Introductions Apple II (re)Introductions1977)Introductions, IBM PC (re)Introductions1978)Introductions, Macintosh (re)Introductions1984*)Introductions C (re)Introductions1973)Introductions, Java (re)Introductions1995)Introductions The Maze Its History This Years Statistics 25 students solved the maze A few students realized their mistake after the fact 2 students erased their solution (re)Introductionswritten in pencil, as requested)Introductions

1 student rexeroxed it (re)Introductionsbut the paper color didnt quite match)Introductions My Problem with the Maze 23 students wrote in their student ID 1 student forgot to write his/her name George Dantzigs homework problems The Future of the Maze 8/25/05 14 No Comment 8/25/05 15 Academic Integrity: A Serious Topic While we are a community working together to learn, evaluation (re)Introductionstests, homework, other graded material)Introductions is done individually. Assume no collaboration of any kind; ask instructors for clarification Some courses incorporate collaboration as part of their syllabus

Faculty use tools to detect plagiarism in written work, on programs, etc. Mostly the non-majors Im teaching, but I have sent majors too Generally, 10% of these will commit a second violation and be suspended This is the saddest part of my job (re)Introductionsand it takes up lots of time)Introductions But I do it, to ensure a fair atmosphere for the majority of students who dont cheat What causes students to cheat: it is not a pathological personality We see work differently: I dont want you to be paranoid, but informed I send about 5 students/semester to the Deans office (re)Introductionsout of 100 in class)Introductions Check with the instructor: these important policies often are written down Getting behind on CS work; not caring about non-CS work A sense of entitlement (re)Introductionsprevious successes, ego Im an A student)Introductions

If impure thoughts enter your head, weigh the cost/benefit carefully How I cheated at CMU as a freshman Friends dont ask friends to see/copy their work. Just say no. The Russian-Roulette analogy Work with us/trust us: An example and what to do Protect yourself. Describe help/cite sources; low grade/no University action Understand who is affected by bad choices: you, your friends, your family 8/25/05 16 We are family We are Family (re)IntroductionsSister Sledge)Introductions, was the theme song for the world-series winning 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team CMU might seem like a big place The School of Computer Science is smaller The Computer Science Department is smaller still If you look out for all your classmates, you will also have 141 classmates looking out for you CMU can be warm and wonderful, or cold and lonely

The undergraduate program in CSD is even smaller The freshman class, all 141 of you, is yet smaller You (re)Introductionssingular and plural)Introductions will create the environment that you will live in for the next four years Choose wisely; help improve it; help repair it, when it breaks As in any family Ask for help if you need it; supply it if you are asked. You dont have to follow my advice; Ill feel better if you ask. 8/25/05 17 Closing Thoughts A mans reach should exceed his grasp, or whats a heaven for. - R. Browning Learning is never done without errors and defeat. - V. Lenin The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. - M. Proust 8/25/05 18

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