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Windows Server 2012 R2 JumpStart: Whats New in Windows Server 2012 R2 Preview Module 1: Introducing Windows Server 2012 R2 Rick Claus Microsoft Sr. Technical Evangelist Corey Hynes Lead Technical Architect, holSystems Meet Rick Claus Microsoft Sr. Technical Evangelist Developer & Platform Evangelism (DPE) @RicksterCDN Windows Server, core infrastructure, next generation Engages worldwide Technical Community on behalf of Microsoft More than 20+ years IT experience, 8 w/ Microsoft Enterprise consulting, core infrastructure services, Virtualization technologies of all kinds, systems management, deployments Design & architecture for government, financial institutions, SMB Infrastructure design and architecture, implementation, roll-out Meet Corey Hynes holSystems | Lead Technical Architect Helping partners architect enterprise class VDI @holSystems implementations using XenDesktop and Hyper-V Expertise with VMware, Hyper-V and XEN Online VM hosting engine for training & demo providers Hosts thousands of VM instances in a custom thin provisioning engine, available on-demand worldwide Over 15 years field experience

Focus on OS virtualization, management and deployment Assumed Knowledge Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012 Install and Config experience Basics of Active Directory, sites, trusts, & topology DNS & related technologies Some Windows PowerShell Virtualization experience Day to day management experience Jump Start Target Agenda Jump Start Target Agenda Introducing Windows Server 2012 R2 #WS2012R2JS Talk with our Experts in Chat tool. DOWNLOAD Windows Server 2012 R2 Preview Hands-On Labs ws2012r2 DOWNLOAD System Center 2012 R2 Preview System Center 2012 R2 Jumpstart July 15th - Agenda

Trends Windows Server: At the heart of the Cloud OS Customer challenges and opportunities Windows Server momentum Windows Server 2012 R2 capability overview Why choose Windows Server 2012 R2 Next steps Transformational trends Cloud computing New social and app patterns Compute Storage Network Consumerizatio n of IT Data explosion The Cloud OS Modern platform for the worlds apps CUSTOMER 1 CONSISTENT PLATFORM WINDOWS AZURE

DEVELOPMENT SERVICE PROVIDER MANAGEMENT Transforms the datacenter Empowers people-centric IT Unlocks insights on any data Enables modern apps DATA IDENTITY VIRTUALIZATION First-party cloud experience Windows Server Windows Azure Bringing our learnings to your datacenter

Windows Server Multi-tenant High performance storage on industrystandard hardware. environments with isolation. Highly available, file-based storage. Storage spaces with automatic tiering. Shared VHDX guest clustering. Softwaredefined networking. Hyper-V network virtualization with multi-tenant, site-tosite gateway network QoS. Resource metering. High-density web sites and VMs. Policy based automation. Application and web. Cluster aware updates Dynamic optimization. NUMA-aware scalability. Support for open

standards and multiple languages. Windows Azure And many Customer challenges and opportunities Opportunities : Datacenter solution with lower infrastructure costs and OPEX savings from increased operational efficiencies. Challenges: Datacenter solution with support for modern, self-service applications and automation of repeatable tasks. Datacenter solution with high level of cross-platform interoperability. Datacenter solution that unifies device environment and protects corporate data.

End or Keeping Complexities Flat user shrinking pressure the due lights ITto to budgets on diverse enable mandate even access reduces as to agility to expectations datacenter business corporate address information infrastructure. app owners from increase. a variety needs.of devices. Efficient Need to offer datacenter differentiated

operations services to across entire customer base. customers. Windows Server 2012 R2: Windows Server 2012 R2 capabilities Overview Server virtualization New levels of performance and cross-platform support Server management and automation Increased management efficiency for a diverse datacenter Storage Networking High performance and resiliency at a fraction of the cost Hybrid networking with breakthrough levels of flexibility and performance Web and application platform Access and information protection

Modern apps built and deployed to scale onpremises and in the cloud Consistent and flexible user access to corporate resources while protecting data Virtual desktop infrastructure Great performance, easy to deploy and cost-effective Server virtualization 012 R2 New levels of performance and crossplatform support IT demands Support for demanding, critical business workloads Best-in-class performance for Microsoft workloads Industry-leading 64 TB VHDX virtual disk with dynamic resize High-performance live migrations with compression or RDMA offload Enterprise-class scale

and performance. Increased flexibility to move resources and workloads Leverage existing cross-platform investments Industry-first sharednothing live migration Full Dynamic Memory support for Linux Flexible guest clustering options including shared VHDX files Linux integration services included in key standard distributions Multi-node Hyper-V Replica with configurable frequency Virtualreplication machine mobility. First-class citizen guest support for High-performance live migration

Accelerate live migration performance with compression or RDMA-capable network adapters For <10GBit network connectivity, live migration compression delivers superior performance 2x acceleration for most workloads For >10GBit networks, Remote direct memory access (RDMA) offload delivers the highest performance with low CPU utilization and transfer speeds of up to 56Gb/s Windows Server 2012 R2 supports RoCE, iWARP and Infiniband RDMA solutions Compute Virtual machine Network RDMA delivers low latency CPU and network utilization. Virtual machine Fast network connection Network adapter 20GB Connection Network adapter GbE (Gigabit Ethernet) network connectivity

Server running Hyper-V Server running Hyper-V Live migration with RDMA Workload mobility Shared-nothing live migration Live migration Benefits: Increase flexibility of virtual machine placement. Increase administrator efficiency. Reduce downtime for migrations across cluster boundaries. M E M O RY Modified memory pages Memory content Configuration data Virtual machine SOURCE Virtual

machine IP connection Hyper-V SOURCE device DESTINATIO N Hyper-V Reads Disk writes and writes are mirrored; go to the Disk Reads contents and writes are go copied to the to source Live Live outstanding migration Migration VHD. Live changes completes. continues. Migration

are new source destination VHD.VHD. replicated. begins. DESTINATIO N device Dynamic Memory Dynamic Memory Reallocates memory automatically among running virtual machines MAXIMUM MEMORY MAXIMUM MEMORY Memory in use MINIMUM MEMORY New in R2: Support for Linux VHDs Windows Server 2012 improvements Minimum memory HyperV smart paging Memory ballooning Runtime configuration Memory in use Virtual Machine 1

Hyper-V Physical memory pool Administrator can increase maximum memory without a restart Dynamic Memory Benefits Higher consolidation numbers Improved reliability of HyperV operations Ability to increase maximum memory configuration with minimal downtime Maximu m memory Minimum memory VM1 HyperV Physical memory pool Maximu m memory Minimum

memory VM2 Maximu Startup increases m memory in use memory Memory in use after startup Minimum memory VMn Paging file provides Memory reclaimed additional after startup memory for startup Removing Virtual machine paged memory starting with after virtual HyperV machine smart paging restart Networking 012 R2 Hybrid

networking with breakthrough levels of flexibility and performance IT demands Simplified use of network resources in a multi-tenant, crossHyper-V Network premises Virtualization and environment multi-tenant site-tosite VPN gateway inbox Standards-based switch configuration Software-defined network Continuously available and resilient network Single root I/O infrastructure virtualization with support for live migration and HA NIC teaming with increased loadbalancing performance High-performance networking. Greater control and more extensibility

Resource metering Virtual IP address management QoS management DNS traffic management Improved manageability and Software-defined networking Features In-box multi-tenant edge gateway for seamless connectivity between physical & virtual networks Isolated virtual networks running on shared network infrastructure Standards-based automated network switch configuration Partner ecosystem support Benefits 24 24 Blue company Red company Site-to-site connectivity Open, extensible and standards-based solution Delivers flexibility, automation and control

Seamlessly bridges on-premises and off- m premises networks, physical and virtual Simplifies BYOIP scenarios and customer onboarding to service provider clouds Site-to-site connectivity Multi-tenant VPN gateway NVGRE Service provider cloud m NIC teaming Provides network fault tolerance and continuous availability when network adapters fail by teaming multiple network interfaces New in R2: enhanced LBFO performance Vendor agnostic and shipped inbox Provides local or remote management through Windows PowerShell or UI Enables teams of up to 32 network adapters Aggregates bandwidth from multiple network adapters Includes multiple nodes: switch dependent and independent

Operating system Virtual adapters Teamed network Teamed network adapter adapter NIC Teaming Physical adapters Virtual IP address management Provides network fault tolerance and continuous Inbox feature for when integrated availability network adapters fail by teaming management of IP multiple addresses, network interfaces. domain names, and device identities New in R2: Enhanced LBFO performance. IPAM distributed architecture Domain m

Domain Vendor and shipped inbox. New agnostic in R2: virtualized IP address space local management Provides or remote management through Windows PowerShell or UI. Tightly integrates with Microsoft Enables DNS teams of up to 32 network adapters. and DHCP servers Aggregates bandwidth from multiple network adapters. Provides custom IP address space display, reporting, and management Includes multiple nodes: switch dependent independent. and Audits server configuration changes IPAM Server (UK) IPAM server

(Redmond) Site: UK Branch office Domain DHCP, DNS, DC, and NPS servers and tracks IP address use Migrates IP address data from spreadsheets or other tools DHCP, DNS, DC, and NPS servers IPAM Server (Hyderabad) Site: Redmond Head office DHCP, DNS, DC, and NPS servers Site: Hyderabad Branch office IPAM Server (Bangalore) DHCP, DNS, DC,

and NPS servers Site: Bangalore Branch office 2 Storage 012 R2 High performance and resiliency at a fraction of the cost IT demands Less expensive, enterprise-class storage solution Storage spaces for inbox storage virtualization with automatic tiering RDMA hardware offloading significantly improving scale for SMB traffic High-performance storage on industry- Guaranteed high levels of Service Level Agreement (SLA) SMB transparent failover for < 25ms

failover time Fine-grained, per-share SMB scale-out Windows Azure HyperV Recovery Manager Continuous application availability Efficient management of storage resources Online VHDX resize Storage QoS Unified storage management Windows Azure Backup Comprehensive storage management Storage tiering Inbox storage virtualization solution with automatic tiering Improved storage costperformance with industry-standard hardware Use solid-state drives (SSD) and hard-disk drives (HDD) in tiered storage space Can pin high priority files to the SSD tier Storage Spaces Solid State Drives Hot data Storage

tiering Cold data Hard Disk Drives Windows Azure Hyper-V Recovery Manager Datacenter A Health Monitoring System Center Virtual Machine Manager Configur Sign e up Create recovery plan AD SQ L Exc h Hyper-V Replica replicates changes Create a recovery plan Orchestrates recovery plan for VMs or services in the event of an outage

System Center Virtual Machine Manager AD SQ L Exc h Datacenter B Windows Azure Backup Scenario 1 Only a few servers that need protection. Currently no back up solution or replacing a competing product. Scenario 2 Currently using System Center Data Protection Manager. Use the Windows Server backup tools. Windows Server Protected Server DPM Server Server management and automation 012 R2 Increased management efficiency for a

diverse datacenter IT demands Consistent management of diverse datacenter Windows Management resources Framework Standards-based switch management Efficient, local and remote management of server resources Server Manager Windows Server Essentials Experience Cost-effective management of more tasks Windows PowerShell 4.0 Intellisense integrated scripting environment Desired State Configuration Standards-based management. Simplified multiserver management. Robust automation. Windows Management

Maximize the value of using the Windows Management Framework Framework IT Pro Tool Developer Solution Provider Standard APIs: MI Client, Windows PowerShell, Open Data Protocol (OData) Windows Management Framework Standard protocols: WS-Management, REST, HTTP, PSRP Standard models: Common Information Model (CIM) schema, Storage Management Initiative Specification (SMI-S) Disk Storage Operating System Devices Managed objects Windows Server Essentials Experience Essentials functionalities are enabled via a dedicated server role in Windows Server Standard and Windows Server Datacenter. Familiar and seamless deployment experience that sets up the most fundamental roles for the primary

server. Optional unattended deployment and configuration using PowerShell. Windows PowerShell 4.0 Key features Broader coverage Higher performance Greater resiliency More intuitive Rich management through more than 3,000 cmdlets Windows PowerShell Web Access Robust session connectivity Disconnected sessions Session configuration files Job scheduling Windows PowerShell Workflow On-the-fly compilationscripts run up to six times faster Performance improvements Integrated scripting environment 3.0: IntelliSense | Code Snippets Syntax simplification Cmdlet discovery and module auto-loading

Updatable help Script-sharing Web and application platform 012 R2 Modern apps DEVELOPER built and deployed to scale onpremises and in the cloud IT demands Broaden the reach of your applications Programming symmetry Virtual machine portability Hybrid applications Flexibility to build on-premises and Increase performance and efficiency of applications and websites NUMA-aware scalability Reuse your IT development skills and knowledge ASP.NET integration IIS CPU throttling

Support for multiple languages Centralized SSL certificate support Support for open source software Scalable and elastic application and web Open web platform. Programming symmetry Create cloud-based or hybrid applications Windows Azure SDK Same development tools between Windows Server and Windows Azure Windows Azure applications Your code Your code Operating system Operating system Web role instance 1 Web role instance 2 Your code Your code

Windows Server 2012 Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V or hardware Hyper-V or hardware Common workflows and rules across web, application, and datacenter tiers Application-to-application contracts that support HTML5 I/O operations that use isolated storage. On-premises applications NUMA-aware scalability Previous Internet Information Services versions on NUMA hardware Internet Information Services in Windows Server 2012 R2 on NUMA hardware Starts scaling NEGATIVELY when the number of cores increases beyond the point where memory synchronization outweighs the benefits of

any additional cores Scales POSITIVELY with increasing cores, allowing organizations to benefit from their NUMA hardware investments Non-Uniform Memory Architecture Processors can access local memory faster than remote memory A significant percentage of new servers have NUMA Designed for scale-up Support for open source software Windows Web App Gallery Atom feed is consumed by the Web platform installer App Gallery itself, Web Platform Installer, Internet Information Services Manager, and participating hosting Windows control panels. Automates installation of the most popular ASP.NET and PHP apps through Windows Web App Gallery. Simplifies discovery and acquisition of the Microsoft web stack. Supported on Windows Server 2012 R2. Web App Gallery Atom feed

Internet Information Services Hosting control panel Web Platform Installer tool Developers follow three steps to submit an application to Windows Web App Gallery. Adhere to gallery principles Add support to app package Submit app Access and information protection 012 R2 Consistent and flexible user access to corporate resources while protecting data IT demands Controlled access to corporate data from users device of choice Workplace Join Web Application Proxy Automatic VPN connections

Work Folders Always-on remote access from trusted Common user identity to access onpremises and cloud resources Windows Server Active Directory Protect corporate data and maintain regulatory compliance Dynamic Access Control Windows Azure Active Directory Active Directory Rights Management Services Active Directory Federation Services Multi-factor authentication Seamless, single signon access to Policy-based access and audit of corporate Controlled access to corporate data Active Directory Other cloud

based apps and identity stores. Users are provided with a common identity when accessing cloud-based resources. Application Server Windows Server Remote Access Users can access corporate applications and data wherever they are. BYOD Devices IT can use Windows Server Remote Access to provide seamless application access and automatic VPN connections with conditional access based on user and device validation. Active Directory When a user registers their device it becomes known and trusted to provide device level authentication. IT can

then publish access to resources based on registration plus the users identity. Virtual desktop infrastructure 012 R2 Great performance, easy to deploy and costeffective IT demands Simplified roll-out and administration of a Wizard-based, automatic VDI environment setup and deployment Unified administration of published applications and desktops User profile disk Efficient VDI management. Reduced time and cost to deploy virtual desktops and Support for multiple, applications lower cost storage options Read-write VDI storage de-duplication for increased VM density

and reduced cost Best value for VDI. Consistent Windows experience across devices RemoteFX for WAN RemoteFX Adaptive Graphics Support for physical and software GPU Rich user experience. Personalization with user profile Benefits What should I disk deploy? Available with pooled virtual machine collections and remote desktop session host collections User profile disk. With every virtual machine pool and remote desktop session host collection. Stores all user settings and data User environment virtualization. To apply roam settings across collections. Contains roaming user

profile, Folder Redirection cache, and user environment virtualization User profile disk with pooled virtual machine collections. Folder redirection. To apply roaming user data across collections. Roams with user within collection Appears as a local disk and improves application compatibility User profile disk with remote desktop session host collections. To centralize user data backup. Storage de-duplication for VDI Hyper-V VDI SMB Scale-out file server Dedup Cluster shared volumes RemoteFX over WAN Hardware and software GPUs Rich multimedia USB redirection

Corporate LAN Hardware & software GPUs, Rich multimedia, USB redirection. Internet or WAN Multitouch, WAN acceleration Single sign-on. Multitouch WAN acceleration Single sign-on Why choose Windows Server 2012 R2 Enterprise-class Simple and cost-effective Application focused User centric Best-in-class performance and scale for Microsoft workloads SMB traffic offload to RDMA-capable NICs for dramatic performance improvements Complete VM portability between Windows Server and Windows Azure without the need

for VM conversion Always-on remote access to corporate information from trusted devices Industry-leading support for 64-node clusters and 8,000 VMs per cluster 64 TB VHDX virtual disk with online resize for dynamically growing and shrinking the VHDX file Hyper-V Network Virtualization and multitenant VPN gateway for inbox software-defined networking (SDN) solution Flexible guest clustering options for file and block storage with shared VHDX files that preserve dynamic memory, live migration and storage live migration for guest VM Windows Azure Backup for reliable and costeffective backup to the cloud VDI storage de- Same development model between Windows Server and Windows Azure Common development tools between Windows

Server and Windows Azure for a rich and complete environment to build applications onpremises and for the cloud Consistent, inbox Windows experience for remote users virtually anywhere on any device Unified application and device management with common identity onpremises and in the cloud Granular, policy-based data protection and regulatory compliance #WS2012R2JS Talk with our Experts in Chat tool. DOWNLOAD Windows Server 2012 R2 Preview Hands-On Labs ws2012r2 DOWNLOAD System Center 2012 R2 Preview System Center 2012 R2 Jumpstart July 15th -

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