Windsor-Essex Smart Cities Challenge:

Windsor-Essex Smart Cities Challenge:

Windsor-Essex Smart Cities Challenge: Communities working together to shape their future smart region Canadian Network of Asset Managers CNAM 2018 Annual Conference May 15, 2018 Abstract Windsor-Essex Smart Cities Challenge: Communities shaping their future smart region. Stakeholders are critical to future innovation, providing insight into challenges, needs and options for innovative solutions. The relationship between stakeholders and innovation is well established, with many recognized management institutions and standards such as ISO 55000 advocating engagement and effective management of stakeholders as critical to management systems, influencing organizational strategy and thinking, asset requirements and performance and delivery of projects. As such, demonstrating stakeholder support has been a core objective of Infrastructure Canadas Smart City Challenge and has long formed

the vision for a SMART Windsor-Essex. In this presentation we will discuss how engagement with our communities has shaped our long term vision for a Smart WindsorEssex and informed our Smart City Challenge application. 2 Matt Johnson Economic Development Officer City of Windsor T: 519 255 6100 x 6608 E: [email protected] Matthew Johnson is the Economic Development Officer for the City of Windsor. He has extensive experience working with companies of various size to navigate them through the legislative and regulatory requirements of government. Matts primary focus at the City of Windsor is BR+E and aiding businesses through the bureaucratic structure of City Hall. Prior this position, Matt worked within the provincial government for

the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, and the Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs. During his time at OMAFRA, he received a Deputy Ministers Award in Innovation for his dedicated work to developing social media strategies that were adopted by the ministrys communications department. Matt is passionate about helping businesses grow within Windsor and connecting companies with resources to access new markets. 3 Rene Trombley Manager, Corporate Communications and Accessibility County of Essex Rene Trombley is the Manager of Corporate Communications and Accessibility at the County of Essex.

T: 519-776-6441 x1330 E: [email protected] n. ca 4 Ross Homeniuk National Leader, Infrastructure Asset and Operations Management KPMG LLP T 204 891 7569 E [email protected] Ross Homeniuk is a Director with KPMG's Global Infrastructure Advisory and leads its Canadian Asset and Operations Management Practice. With more than 20 years of Canadian and

International experience, Ross works with government, utility and private sector organizations to advance their strategic, tactical and operational asset management effectiveness. Bringing together business and technical principles with leading practice and support technologies, his work streamlines operations and improves the consistency, transparency and defensibility of infrastructure plans, investments and management strategies. Ross is an active member of the infrastructure asset management community and advocates for responsible, whole-life planning and management through committee involvement, industry membership and conference participation. He is a Board Member of the Canadian Network of Asset Managers (CNAM), a member of the Institute of Asset Management - IAM Canada Executive Committee, and a regular contributor to several industry publications and groups. 5

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