WorkLight - Intro - IBM

WorkLight - Intro - IBM

IBM IDR SPGI IBM Mobile Solutions December 12th 2012 Worklight Overview 2012 Worklight, Inc. All rights reserved. The information contained herein is the proprietary and confidential information of Worklight. Enterprise mobile development pain points Mobile is now strategic, mandating a consistent approach to development and delivery There are multiple approaches to mobile development: App testing, mobile-specific security threats, and management in a BYOD environment present additional challenges Approach Shortcomings 100% Native Development use native Expensive development and maintenance languages of the device OS (i.e. Objective C with Long time to market & limited scalability of Apple SDK for iOS) development Scarce and costly resources Hybrid App Development use open source languages and tools such as HTML5/JS/CSS3

and PhoneGap Lacking enterprise-grade functionality Limited access to device features No integration and services layer 1st Generation Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms (MEAP) for example KONY, Antenna Software, Verivo and Sybase SUP Limiting WYSIWYG IDEs Proprietary scripting languages & limited scalability of development Professional Service-based business models Lack of Strong ROI 2 IBM Worklight Key Differentiators Mobile Application Development Standards-based technologies Seamless integration with 3rd-party tools Optimized cross-platform codebase with HTML5 as core technology Industrialization of mobile development with rapid customization Backend Integration

Mobile-optimized middleware WebSphere, Cast Iron compatible Support existing security and authentication mechanisms Unified push notifications framework Mobile Application Control and Management Centralized admin interface Version control Access management Data collection and reporting IBM Worklight Mobile Application Platform Significant Return-on-Investment Key Worklight Efficiencies: Web development skills commonly available Shared code base across devices Highly efficient optimization of apps if required Use of ready-made UI libraries and visual editor Reusable enterprise connectivity and integration layer

Out-of-the-box security and authentication components Native vs Hybrid Mobile App Development 10 8 6 Cost 4 2 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

8 9 No of Apps Return-on-Investment: Hybrid Native Reduced development effort on 2nd and 3rd devices (up to 90%) Cost savings increased with additional apps Reduced overhead of IT integration and mobile infrastructure (minimal effort) Lower maintenance cost of app versions and updates over time Dramatically reduced Time-to-Market for app deployment (weeks instead of months) 10

Customer Wins and Case Studies IBM Worklight Financial Services & Insurance Customers 6 IBM Worklight Customers 7 Customer Story: Capital One Financial B2C: There are going to be many mobile apps in Your Wallet Business Problem Summary: Now the 4th largest bank in the US Views mobility as a major channel for their business moving forward. Estimates somewhere between 30-40% of their business could come through mobility in the coming years. Plan on developing dozens of mobile apps through a large internal development team focused on hybrid development. Current provider (Kony Solutions) could not scale from a development perspective to meet their needs for dozens of mobile apps, and was too expensive, negating the ROI

(based on their experience building existing mobile apps). Technical Challenges: Integration with multiple back-end banking systems due to numerous acquisitions Required a high-end branded experience that provides a unique user experience and comes across as innovative Leverage existing web assets Support large teams of mobile developers working on numerous applications. Scale to support millions of users and significant daily volumes

Technology Direction: Hybrid HTML5 apps using JQuery Mobile and Sencha Touch How are the apps developed? Mobile Users: Banking, Credit Card and other Set up five teams of 8-10 developers each for onshore development at CapOne HQ in Virginia Use of Worklight IDE integrated with CapOne source control and software development life-cycle tools Financial Services customers Key Decision Maker (Buyer): Head of Mobile App Development and Architecture

Size of Opportunity / Metrics: Millions of users Pricing Scheme: Enterprise license fee for unlimited use Competition: Incumbent: Kony; Evaluated: Antenna, Pyxis, Sybase and Appcelerator. Future Mobile Needs: Support for mobile payments and NFC devices Support for additional authentication and authorization standards (e.g., SAML) Integration with web content management systems within CapOne Support for WAS ND infrastructure

Customer Story: TBC Corporation Nation's largest vertically integrated marketer of tires delivers B2C and B2E mobile apps The Need: Marketing and commerce teams began evaluating the mobile channel as a means to create new revenue and brand differentiation opportunities. Support the growing need of customers to engage in mobile commerce via a store locator application Address the BYOD trend in the market and enable their employees to access relevant backend data on the go The Solution: IBM Worklight helped in-house development team to create 5-6 apps in the initial phase and more going forward. Hybrid HTML5 apps delivered to +6000 associates under the TBC brand and millions of end-users The Benefit: Support large scale mobile development (9-12 apps) Maintain complete control of advanced user experience using commonly available web development skills Rapid integration with enterprise data and infrastructure with Worklights middletier integration layer

Strong coverage of B2E and B2C mobile requirements We estimate that the Worklight platform has already saved between 80%90% of development time for our 2nd and 3rd target devices due to the inherent crossdevice capabilities. Customer Story: TBC Corporation From outline ... to app 21 Days from installation to 3 applications in beta No New Resources - full lifecycle process using existing design, development, QA, and infrastructure team Customer Story: ING Direct US Leading US banking institution implements a flexible client-side architecture to reuse mobile website content The Need:

Highly unsatisfied with legacy mobile vendor, because of lack of flexibility and feeling they are not being listened to Strategically intent to bring mobile development in-house Increasing demand for diversifying mobile offering and drive more business through the mobile channel (specifically critical as an online-only bank) The Solution: IBM Worklight enabled ING to develop the app with an internal team of 10 developers for both client- and server-side development Hybrid HTML5 apps, using Sencha Touch UI library, to seamlessly mobilize mobile web site functionality The Benefit: Ability to provide access to device features and unique mobile capabilities, such as camera-based, remote check deposit Use Worklight's application management features to manage apps that were published and installed on customer devices Implement future plans for additional consumer apps Merging both online and mobile channels through efficient cross-platform

development capabilities using HTML, CSS and JavaScript Customer Story: ING Direct US Flexible client-side architecture to reuse mobile website content Customer Story: Perceptive Informatics Health technology solutions provider mobilizing medical information for pharmaceutical companies The Need: Increasing demand for mobile solutions from their clients, such as Pfizer and other big Pharmaceutical companies Competitors moving quickly on mobile created an urgent market need Priority requirement for enhancing clinical trial offerings The Solution: IBM Worklight enables Perceptive Informatics to leverage existing IT resources to develop a range of mobile apps to match current e-solutions Hybrid HTML5 apps built by in-house development team to support eClinical trial notifications, checklists, assets processing, process tracking and protected clinical data repository The Benefit: Ability to go mobile while integrating with existing IT infrastructure, including WebSphere Application Server, Portal and Cast Iron

Quickly reach multiple devices while using existing developer skill-set in HTML5 Ensure medical data is safeguarded on mobile devices in accordance with government regulations Mobilize e-clinical trial solutions using existing IT infrastructure and HTML5 development skills Customer Story: Rohde & Schwarz Product Catalog and Order Tablet Application for Sales Personnel Built by 1 Developer in 12 Weeks, including customized authentication, MDM integration, SAP connectivity, JQuery UI library and PhoneGap plug-in Customer Story: Lotte Credit Card Augmenting offerings with a mobile platform The Need: Korean companies are facing a demand for mobile apps from over 7 million smartphone users, up from only 800,000 in 2009, forcing them to vigorously explore options for value-added services.

The Solution: To capitalize quickly on this rapidly growing trend, Lotte Credit Card turned to IBM Worklight to develop an advanced application with a rich and engaging user experience using over 100 screens, location-based features and scannable mobile coupons. The application incorporates augmented reality componentsa first in the regionhelping users find the retail locations of its reward partners on the go. The Benefit: Reduced time to market and associated costs Deployment of one of the regions most advanced financial mobile applications Enabling better customer and employee user experience across more devices We chose IBM Worklight because it was the best technology for Lotte to consolidate application development, enhancement and maintenance, while ensuring cost savings and timely delivery to our customers. Kim, Young Sam, IT Planning Team Leader, Lotte Credit Card Solution components:

IBM Worklight Finance All Solutions (FAS) Customer Story: Lotte Credit Card Hybrid app with +150 screens merging native and web-based coding About ZSL ZSL is a Global Systems Integrator, ISV & IBM Premier Partner headquartered at Edison, New Jersey, with 4500 employees spread across in offices in India, Middle-East, US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Belgium, Malaysia and Singapore SVP and Authorized Reseller, Solutions and Service provider for WebSphere Core, WebSphere Cast Iron, IBM Worklight, VDSB, IBM SmartCloud, Rational, DB2, IBM Softek Data Mobility Solutions (DMS), Cognos, ISS, Storage & Servers ZSL created Centers of Excellence (CoE) for Cloud, Enterprise Mobility and Big Data Analytics Computing with more than 100 subject matter experts specialized in SmartCloud Enterprise, Worklight and Cognos. ZSL Ranked in 2011 InformationWeek 500 List of

Top Technology Innovators Across America ZSL Brings Mobility and Cloud Enablement to the Enterprise with IBM WorkLight Technologies, IBM SCE and IBM WebSphere CI ZSL Implements IBM WebSphere Cast Iron to Cut 24-hour reporting delay to near real time ZSL develops Web 2.0 assets 3 times faster with IBM WebSphere sMash IBM Recognized ZSL's Innovations in the Cloud and Mobile Enterpri se Enablement - Won Finalist Awards at Impa ct 2012 ZSLs PowerCube DaaS , IBM OCCS-based Desktop Virtualization Solu tion Won Finalist CTO award at IBM Lotusphere 2009 For More Information Resource Location

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