Workplace Violence

Workplace Violence

WORKPLACE VIOLENCE Bureau of Workers Compensation PA Training for Health & Safety (PATHS) PPT-047-01 1 Workplace Violence - Defined A violent act (or acts)

including physical assaults and threats of assaults directed towards a person/persons at work or while on duty* *CDC/NIOSH, Occupational Hazards, 2002 PPT-047-01 2 Those at Risk

Some 2 million American workers are victims of workplace violence each year. In particular: - Those who work in high crime areas (groceries, pharmacies, gas stations) PPT-047-01 3 Those at Risk - Community workers (utility, cable TV, telephone, mail carriers, taxi and bus drivers)

PPT-047-01 4 Those at Risk Others at risk include: - Emergency response personnel (police, fire, ambulance, volunteers) PPT-047-01

5 Data and Statistics Men and women working in government have greater number and higher rate of assaults than private sector employees Assaults against women working in state government is 8.6 times higher than women in the private sector* *National Crime Victimization Survey, BLS

PPT-047-01 6 Types of Workplace Violence Stranger violence has no business relationship with the workplace PPT-047-01 7

Types of Workplace Violence Client/Customer violence recipient of, or providing a service to the workplace PPT-047-01 8 Types of Workplace Violence Employee violence related to the workplace (may also be ex-employee or associate of an employee)

PPT-047-01 9 Types of Workplace Violence Domestic violence related to employee (family member, spouse, or partner, significant other) PPT-047-01 10

Examples of Workplace Violence Threats intent to cause physical harm - Verbal (in person or by telephone) PPT-047-01 11 Examples of Workplace Violence

Threats Written (by letter, by fax, or by e-mail) PPT-047-01 12 Examples of Workplace Violence Intimidation/Harassment Psychological making statements that are: -

False - Disrespectful Malicious - Abusive Disparaging - Obnoxious Derogatory - Insubordinate or Rude - With intent to hurt others reputation PPT-047-01

13 Examples of Workplace Violence Intimidation/Harassment-Physical

Holding Impeding Blocking ones movement Following Stalking Touching Any other inappropriate contact or advances PPT-047-01 14

Examples of Workplace Violence Assault causing physical or emotional injury, pain, or distress: Hitting, slapping, punching, pushing, poking, and kicking PPT-047-01 15 Examples of Workplace Violence

Assaults Also shouting, name-calling, use of derogatory language May include use of a firearm, bomb, or knife PPT-047-01 16 Direct Effects of Violence Minor or major physical injuries

Temporary or permanent physical disability Psychological trauma Death PPT-047-01 17 Indirect Effects of Violence Low worker morale Increase in job stress

PPT-047-01 18 Indirect Effects of Violence Increase in worker turnover Reduced trust of management/co-workers A hostile work environment PPT-047-01 19

Risk Factors o Working with volatile people (those under the influence of alcohol or drugs, have a history of violence, have been diagnosed as psychotic) o Working when understaffed/working alone PPT-047-01 20 Risk Factors

o Waiting a long time for service (e.g. DMV) o Overcrowded waiting rooms PPT-047-01 21 Risk Factors Poorly lit areas (parking lots, corridors) Inadequate security Unrestricted movement of the public

PPT-047-01 22 Signals Verbally expressed anger or frustration Body language/threatening gestures Signs of alcohol or drug use Presence of a weapon (firearm, knife, etc.) PPT-047-01

23 How to Prevent Violence Develop a comprehensive prevention program, which includes: Zero tolerance policy Management commitment/enforcement PPT-047-01 24

How to Prevent Violence Employee participation Hazard identification Training Hazard prevention

Accurate and timely reporting PPT-047-01 25 Workplace Violence Prevention Training Should include the following: Review of facilitys relevant policies Techniques to de-escalate/minimize violent behavior

Prohibited actions and consequences Reporting requirements/procedures Location/operation of safety devices Resources to cope with post-incidents PPT-047-01 26 Prevention Strategies Engineering - Installation of: Emergency alarms

Signaling and monitoring systems Security devices (metal detectors, cameras) Better lighting Bulletproof/shatterproof glass enclosures at reception areas PPT-047-01 27 Prevention Strategies Changing Behavior o Creating buddy

system o Providing security escorts to parking lots o Preventing personnel from working alone o Restricting movement of public using controlled access cards o Training in hazard

awareness, resolving conflicts, recognizing potential signs o Make counseling available to reduce workers fear o Having open communication with workers PPT-047-01

28 Prevention Strategies Administrative controls: Comprehensive written procedures for reporting and for responding to occurrences Enforce zero tolerance policy Update program as necessary (continuous improvement) PPT-047-01

29 What to Do Present a calm, caring attitude Dont match the threat Dont give orders Acknowledge what the person feels Avoid aggressive behavior PPT-047-01

30 Other Preventive Actions 1. Evaluate each situation 2. Be vigilant, alert of your surroundings 3. Do not isolate yourself 4. Always keep an open path for exiting PPT-047-01 31

If Situation Cant be Defused - Remove yourself from the situation - Call security for help - Report any violent situations to management For someone with a weapon: Stay calm - Maintain eye contact Stall for time Keep talking...but follow instructions of the person with the weapon Dont risk harm to yourself or others Never try to be a hero or try to grab a weapon

Watch for an opportunity to escape safely PPT-047-01 32 References Occupational Safety and Health Administration Center for Disease Control/National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health National Safety Council PPT-047-01 33 References Commonwealth Management Directive 205.33 Building a Safe Workplace: Preventing Workplace Violence United Behavioral Health & The Commonwealth of PA

PPT-047-01 34 References CDC/NIOSH, Occupational Hazards, 2002 What Workplace Bullying Looks Like in 2014And How To Intervene, Forbes: -workplace-bullying-looks-like (action checklist) PPT-047-01 35 Contact Information Health & Safety Training Specialists 1171 South Cameron Street, Room 324 Harrisburg, PA 17104-2501

(717) 772-1635 [email protected] Like us on Facebook! PPT-047-01 36 Questions PPT-047-01


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