World War I Quiz Review -

World War I Quiz Review -

World War I Quiz Review When: WWI began in June of 1914 but The United States didnt enter the WW I until April of 1917 Who was fighting?

Allies Great Britain France Russia (up to 1917) United States (after 1917) Who was fighting? Central Powers

Germany Austria Hungary Ottoman Empire (Italy promised to support Austria but later backed the Allies) Where did the fighting take place? The primary battle fields were in Western Europe: Belgium and France In Eastern Europe fighting took place on the Russian border. Naval battles took place around the globe and

armies clashed in the mid-east as well as Africa. What were the Causes of WW I Militarism: arms race in Europe between competing powers. Alliances: a system of military pacts , many of them secret. Nationalism: many groups in Europe wanted their own nations. Ethic tension. Imperialism: competition among powers for territory and trade. Especially Africa and Asia.

Assassination: Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand and his wife are killed in Bosnia. What were the issues or reasons that caused the US to enter WW I? Unrestricted Submarine Warfare. German U-Boats. Sinking of the passenger ship Lusitania. 128 American die. March 1917 3 US ships sunk. Economic concerns. American banks and companies were owed money by the Allies. Zimmerman note. Germany tries to get Mexico to stir up trouble on our border.

Russia quits the war. US hated the Czar, couldnt fight if we would be on his side. Anti-German propaganda swayed US public opinion. Why were many Americans opposed to the war? American boys shouldnt die to keep Europes monarchs in power. Few of the Allies were democratic countries. The killing and trench war was morally wrong. Some believed we were only fighting to protect the profits of big American banks and

businesses. The war pitted workers against workers so Wealthy industrialist were the winners. Technology and War New weapons emerge during WWI including:

The Submarine Machine Guns Poison Gas Aircraft Armored Tanks Trench Warfare On the Home Front Young Men were required to register for the Draft.

The war caused labor shortages that allowed Women and African Americans to access better industrial jobs. Large numbers of African Americans moved from the South to the North The Great Migration Espionage and Sedition Act The war caused a crack down on Civil Liberties. Numerous groups and individuals were targeted for speaking out against the war. Socialist leader Eugene Debs was sent to prison

for 10 years for speaking against the draft. Americans of German heritage were the victims of discrimination and some violence. Who won and when did it end? The Allies won the war. The armistices (cease fire) was signed on the 11th day of the 11th month on the 11th hour of 1918 or November 11th 1918 The official end of the war wouldnt come about until the signing of the Versailles Treaty in 1919.

Wilson and the 14 Points American President Woodrow Wilson went to France to lead the Versailles Peace Treaty. These are the most important of his 14 points included in his Blueprint for Peace:

Free Trade Arms Control and Reduction No Secret Treaties Freedom of the Seas Self-Determination of Peoples A League of Nations America wins the war but Pres. Wilson loses the peace. Wilson traveled to Paris to lead the peace conference at Versailles. His 14 points were the basis of a Blueprint for

Peace. Although hailed as a hero in Paris Wilson was met with opposition from the US Senate Some US Senators objected to the League of Nations The Irreconcilables a group of Republican senators refuse to ratify Wilsons Versailles Treaty. The US finally signs a separate treaty with Germany in 1921.

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