World War II - Mr. Colletti's Online Classroom

World War II - Mr. Colletti's Online Classroom

World War II Starts I. Germany & the Soviet Union A. August 1939 the two nations sign a non-aggression pact.

they will not fight each other. B. Germany agrees to split Poland with the Soviet Union after they capture it. II. World War II Starts in Europe A. Germany invades Poland on Sept. 1,

1939, thus starting the Second World War. B. Sept. 3, 1939 Britain & France officially declare war on Germany. III. German Blitzkrieg Lightning War

A. An all out surprise attack First by air, then ground artillery, then tanks, and finally infantry come in an mop up. III. German Blitzkrieg Cont. B. Allows the Nazis to move swiftly across Europe taking Poland, Denmark, Norway, Luxemburg, Belgium, and the Netherlands all in just 8 weeks.

Poland 27 Days Denmark 2 Hours Norway Luxemburg Belgium

Netherlands 8 Weeks 8 Hours 18 Days 6 Days IV. The Fall of France

A. June 1940: Germans cut through Belgium, the Netherlands, and the Ardennes Forrest . B. Surprising France by completely avoiding the Maginot Line. IV. The Fall of France Cont.

C. The Maginot Line A line of concrete fortifications built along Frances border with Germany. The Maginot Line IV. The Fall of France Cont. D. France forced to surrender after only 6

weeks. French Minister of War Charles de Gaulle flees to England and starts the French Resistance. French Resistance Troops Underground Forces V. The Battle of Britain A. Winston Churchill replaces Chamberlain as prime-minister and vows never to surrender. we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight

in the hills; we shall never surrender Winston Churchill June 4, 1940 V. The Battle of Britain Cont. B. Britain's Navy is their strength. May 27, 1941 they sink the German battleship the Bismarck. V. The Battle of Britain Cont.

C. Germans bomb British cities with the hope of weakening Britain before invading with ground troops. D. The Royal Air Force is able to defend Britain, and

Hitler never steps foot on English soil. London - 1940 VI. The Axis Powers A. 1940: include Germany, Italy, and Japan Hungary Yugoslavia

Slovak Republic Romania Bulgaria Croatia VII. The U.S. Position

A. Holding true to their Isolationists views the U.S. wished to remain neutral. B. Would help Britain through the Lend Lease Act supplying them with ships, tanks, weapons, and supplies, but not soldiers. VIII. The Japanese Attack

A. December 7, 1941 the Japanese launch an early morning surprise attack on the U.S. Naval fleet at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. VIII. The Japanese Attack B. Japan had been planning the attack for months, but the U.S. was completely caught off guard. Many sailors were still asleep in their beds when the bombing started. VIII. The Japanese Attacks C. U.S. Military losses: 2300 Killed

1100 Wounded 12 ships sunk 9 ships damaged 164 Aircraft lost 159 Aircraft damaged VIII. The Japanese Attack D. The U.S. was able to raise and repair all but 3 of the

21 ships that were sunk or damaged in the attack. E. Lost for good were the U.S.S. Arizona (seen here) and the U.S.S. Oklahoma and U.S.S. Utah. VIII. The Japanese Attack F. The Impact of the Attack: The attack temporarily halted American interference in Japanese expansion in the Pacific.

G. But more importantly: The attack united a divided nation on whether or not to enter into World War II. IX. America Responds A. December 7, 1941: President Roosevelt declares this day, a

day which shall live in infamy B. December 8, 1941: Congress declares war on Japan. X. The World is at War

A. December 11, 1941 Germany declares war on the United States B. The World is once again at war C. The sides this time: Allied Powers = U.S. , Great Britain, France, and the Soviet Union Axis Powers = Germany, Italy, and Japan

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