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W.O.W - bcsoh.org

W.O.W Words of the Week Semester 1: Greek WOW Week 1 a,an not, without amphi around, about, both Ana up, against Anti

against, opposite arch, archi chief, first archae ancient auto self http://www.flashcardmachine.com/2125840/m9m7 WOW Week 1 Examples Amoral Amphibian Analyze

Antibotic Archaeology Architect Automobile WOW Week 2 bi dia, di dys En, em epi, Exo

Eu two across, through bad in, among, within upon, over outside, outer part well, good WOW Week 2 examples Bicycle

Diameter Dystopia Entomb Epicenter Exoskeleton Euphony WOW Week 3 Hemi Hetero Hiero Holo

Homo Hyper Hypo half other sacred, holy whole same over, extremely under, small WOW Week 3 examples

Hemisphere Heterogeneous Hierophant holocaust Homosexual hypertext Hypothermia WOW Week 4 Idio

individual Ideo idea In,il,im,ir into,within,not, opposing Iso equal Macro large Mega large Meta change of, over, beyond WOW Week 4 examples

Idiosyncracy Ideology Inefficient Isometric Macroeconomics Megamillions Metaphysics WOW Week 5

Micro small Mono one Neo new Ortho straight, correct Paleo ancient Pan all Para beside, beyond, variation WOW Week 5 Examples

Microphone monotone Neoclassical Orthopedic Paleolithic Pan-American Paranormal WOW Week 6

Peri around Poly many Pro before, forward Proto first Pseudo false, fake Syn,sym,syl, sys together Tele far, distant WOW Week 6 examples

Periscope Polygamy Procrastinate Prototype Pseudonym Synonym telephone WOW Week 7 Thermo Topo Zoo Suffixes Algia

Cracy Iatry Itis heat place living pain government healing inflammation Week 7 examples

Thermodynamics Topography Zoological Nostalgia Democracy Psychiatry Tendonitis WOW Week 8 Ism

Ist Lysis Mancy Oid Orama Osis a belief one who believes loosening prophecy resembling view a state or condition Week 8 Examples

Feminism Individualist Dialysis Necromancy Humanoid Diorama Neurosis WOW Week 9 Philia love for Phobia fear of Phor that which carries Phoria

production of Roots Acro top Agro field, earth, soil Anthropos man Week 9 examples Hemophilia

Homophobia Metaphor euphoria Acrobat Agriculture Anthropology WOW Week 10 Anemo Aristo Astro Biblio

Bio Caco Chroma wind best star book life bad, poor, evil color WOW Week 10 examples

Anemone Aristocrat Astronomer Bibliography Biology Cacophony monochromatic WOW Week 11 Chrono Cosmo

Crypto Cyclos Deca Demos Dendron time world/order hidden circular/wheel ten people tree WOW Week 11 examples

Chronological Cosmopolitan Cryptic Bicycle Decathlon Demonstrate Philodendron WOW Week 12

Derma skin Dynamos power Ethnos race/nation Gastro stomach Geo earth Geno race/kind/descent Glyph carving WOW Week 12 examples

Dermatologist Dynamic Ethnicity Gastric bypass Geology Genetics Hieroglyphics WOW Week 13

Gyno Hemo Helios Hepta Hexa Hydro Icono figure woman blood sun seven six water image, likeness, or WOW Week 13 examples

Misogynist Hematoma Heliocentric Heptagon hexagon hydroplane Icon WOW Week 14

Kilo thousand Lithos stone Logos word, study Miso to hate Morph form Mytho myth Nautes ship, sailor WOW Week 14 examples

Kilometer Lithosphere Biology Misanthrope Metamorphosis mythology Nautical WOW Week 15

Necro death Neuro nerve Onym name Optic view, sight Pedo child Pathos suffering/disease Pater, patrifather WOW Week 15 examples

Necromancy Neurologist Homonym Optometrist Pediatician Pathetic Patriotism WOW Week 16

Penta Petro Phono Pneuma Podos Polis Psycho five rock/stone sound air, breath, spirit foot city mind WOW Week 16 examples

Pentacle Petroleum Telephone Photograph Pneumonia Podiatrist Acroplis Psychopath WOW Week 17

Pyro fire Rrhea flow, current Schizo cleave, cut Scopos spy, see Sophia wisdom Sphero sphere, ball Static causing to stand WOW Week 17 examples

Pyrotechnics Verborrhea Schizoprhenia Stethoscope Philosophy Spherical hemostasis

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