Writing Anxiety - University Career Services

Writing Anxiety - University Career Services

Cindy Harper Covington [email protected] 2013 How a Good Essay Works for You Lets you talk about YOU Distinguishes yourself from the competition Reveals interest and passion Exposes depth of personality and maturity Demonstrates potential and impact Shows that you are thinking ahead

Reflect Before You Begin Why do you want to pursue a business undergraduate major? What do you hope to achieve? How do you want to contribute to Kenan-Flagler? The world? Recall When were you most effective as a leader? A team player? When did you make an impact?

When did you learn from a mistake? Revisit What makes you unique? What gets you excited? Why do you do what you do? How have you impacted others? Why would you be a good representative of Kenan-Flagler? Effective Examples Recent

Within the last 12 to 18 months Unless you were President of a international organization, leave high school behind Simple Clarity, clarity, clarity easy to explain, easy to understand Relevance

Connection to business and the business school Sports adventures can be fine, but dont stretch them to fit Connection to the World This is NOT an academic or research paper Link to the global issue to UNC and to your personal experience

Show, Dont Tell Dont just say it; give relevant examples Understand all your words Stay away from empty sentences and words Avoid too many adjectives First Sentences I have spent the past year of my life relearning everything I ever thought I knew about change in a process that has been both

challenging and humbling. Short, shallow breaths, a racing heart, and cool droplets of sweat beading up at my brow quickly converged with my feelings of shock, fear, and anger. Impact The grants I wrote and continue to write are seeking to raise $40,000 dollars that are necessary to increase output to meet our objective of 50,000 Guatemalans served in the

next ten years. Reflection Professionally, my experience taught me the importance of relationships, and how ones career can be impacted by them. Facing this challenge head on helped me to learn more about myself as a person. Spending twelve hour days working through reconciliations revealed my persevering nature. My selfmotivation became apparent as I stepped up to take on new responsibilities, even when not asked

of me. Stand Out Course rigor and preparation Interest and curiosity Goal-oriented Open-minded Initiative Passion Participation

Contribution and Impact Results Leadership Teamwork Going above and beyond Potential Brainstorming Try a variety of brainstorming strategies: Mapping/webbing Comparing and contrasting

Journalistic questions Having a friend interview you about your experiences and interests Tape recorder Keep a notebook handy The optional essay Please include any other information that you believe would be helpful to the Admissions Committee in considering your application (500 word limit).

All re-applicants, Junior applicants, and transfer students Otherwise, is it needed? If not, dont do it. Situations where it might be needed: You are (legitimately) concerned about your GPA Youre an international student (and you havent discussed this elsewhere) Youre employed full-time Youve had legal problems

Other non-obvious things readers NEED to know to evaluate your application Anatomy of an Essay Beginning Engage your reader from the beginning Middle Use transitions Stay vibrant and active

End Tie it all together Draw out lessons Tips for an Effective Essay Answer the question Does your response satisfy the inquiry? Outline your key points Did you provide a roadmap for your reader? Be concise Did you adhere to the word limit?

Add depth Did you answer the so what and why questions? Proofread, edit, revise Did you spell check? Have someone else read it? Microsofts Readability Tool Active vs. Passive Voice The project was completed by the entire team. (passive)

The entire team completed the project. (active) The work needed to be done on the house by my crew before the new family could move in. (passive) My crew worked tirelessly on the house so that the family could move in on time. (active) Final Thoughts Be authentic Find your voice Dont list Watch your tone

Vary sentence structure Avoid repetition Check punctuation Proofread/Feedback Revise Edit Writing Center services Teaches strategies and skills and will give opinions as readers

NO edits or proofreads - but will show you how Up to 2 appointments per semester (not per essay) to learn about writing personal statements Online or face-to-face Open during summer sessions I and II Tons of tips at writingcenter.unc.edu under handouts

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