Writing hooks - Grosse Pointe Public School System

Writing hooks - Grosse Pointe Public School System

Writing Hooks Why Where How In Narrative Writing A hook is an action that pulls your reader further into a story. Anything that arouses curiosity and interest from your reader is a narrative hook. Its that I couldnt put it down sensation that a reader experiences in

good stories. Why? The first few lines of any piece of writing are essential because they set the tone and make the reader want to read on. A good opening line should leave the reader

wondering. This wonder should invite the reader to keep reading. Where? If readers aren't hooked into your story, there's a good chance they will not want to finish reading it. If that happens, anything you've written in your story later on, no matter how fun and exciting, won't mean

anything. Engage your reader right away. Begin with your best! A great hook allows you to keep your readers around long enough to dazzle them with deep characters and your exciting

storyline. How? * * * * * * *

* * * * * * * Action Analogy

Command to the reader Bold statement Definition Interesting fact Interjection Characters thought or feelings Foreshadowing Onomatopoeia Opinion Questions

Theme statement Verbal picture of setting or e m d an Action Harold blinked as the old lady drew a gun out of her purse and pointed it at the convenience

store clerk. Literary Devices Such As: Analogy/Simile/Metaphor/Idiom/Exaggeration My life has been a carnival. Like is like a journey through the forest. My family is like an open book. That guy's an absolute mad dog. If I've answered this question once, I've

answered it a thousand times. Command to the reader Run. You need to run now. Drop everything and run. Bold statement If you found this, its too late. New York is the best city in the world!

I'm never having children. Definition Amiable is the best way to describe her: she is friendly and caring. Perfect is the best adjective to describe her: she is flawless in every aspect of her life. Interesting fact The diamond is hardest natural rock on earth.

Shock has been known to kill ten year olds. It can cause their brains to explode and their heart to stop dead still. These facts raced through my mind as I stood dumbfounded in front of my fourth grade classmates. I wish I had stayed in bed! Interjection Ouch! Stop!

Wait! Yes! Characters thoughts or feelings show(not tell) character traits John looked proudly at the new painting he had done and decided to enter it in the local art contest.

Examples of Character Traits afraid *angry * artistic* athletic *awesome beautiful * bold *bored *busy * brave * brilliant * busy calm careful * charming * cheerful * curious dishonest * disrespectful * embarrassed evil * exciting fair * fearful * foolish friendly * fun * funny generous * gentle * giving * greedy * grouchy happy * helpful * honest * imaginative *intelligent jealous * kind * lazy * lonely * loving * loyal * lucky mean messy * nervous * nice * nosy

polite poor * proud * pretty *quick*quiet respectful * responsible * rude selfish * serious * shy * silly *sneaky * spoiled * strict * stubborn talented * terrified * thankful thoughtful * trusting * trustworthy unfriendly * unselfish * wacky * wild *wise * wonderful * worried Foreshadowing a way of indicating or hinting at what will come later

Today it was a success. However, the next meeting will probably not be so uneventful. Onomatopoeia the imitation of a sound Achoo! Another interrupting sneeze during math class. Buzzzzzz! The sound of my alarm clock droned in my ears as I struggled to come

awake. With a start I sat straight up in my bed. This was my big day and I had to be on time. Opinion Settling for a cat wasnt all bad. Tigers affection is constant and his curiosity is a source of hysterical entertainment. No dog could ever replace him.

Question Who is the greatest athlete of all times? I am, of course. Have you ever had a day when you wished you had stayed in bed? As I rushed to catch the bus on what seemed to be a perfectly normal day I had no idea what was ahead of me.

Quotation Learn to laugh is something my kindergarten teacher told me after Ralph Morris spilled paint on my daffodil picture. Theme statement Trees and rocks go through many storms every year, and they never back down. Rocks surface eventually gets smoother, trees grow bigger and taller every year. Therefore no

matter how hard or impossible it seems for us to do something. We should never back down. Stay with it until the end and results will come. Theme: The overall message of the story is often the idea that sticks with the reader long after the book is over. Crime does not pay.

Love conquers all. Friendship means compromise. The end doesnt justify the means. Verbal picture of setting The day of my birth began with Hurricane Charlie pounding at our door in Charleston, South Carolina. The sun was warm on my back as I raced toward the waiting yellow school bus. As I nestled into

the worn leather seat I was greeted by the friendly voices of other excited children. The look on my face was one of confidence and contentment. With a jerk the bus rumbled down the road and I was on my way into one of the worst days of my life. Which will you chose?

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