Welcome to Year 5/6 Jane Stevanovski [email protected] Brendan Opray [email protected] Ben May [email protected] Carla Maxwell [email protected] Reading and Viewing Daily Reading lessons Focus on personal goal setting in reading. These goals are recorded on a

tracking sheet to monitor progress (communicated through SeeSaw) Independent reading One-on-one conferencing between your child and their teacher Explicit teaching and modelling of: Comprehension Fluency Vocabulary Analysis of a wide variety of text types and genres MacqLit Reading Program The aim of MacqLit is to help those struggling with their reading to catch up with their classmates as quickly as possible. Teachers or education support staff work with small groups for one session a day, four times a week, using the carefully structured MacqLit materials. Children will usually need to be in the program for several terms, depending on how much catching up they need to do. Students also need to get plenty of opportunities to practise the skills they are learning. They do this by reading one-to-one with a trained adult for 20 minutes at a time, preferably daily.

Writing Daily Writing lessons Focus on personal goal setting in writing. These goals are recorded on a tracking sheet to monitor progress (communicated through SeeSaw) Creative and teacher-directed writing Writers Notebook One-on-one conferencing between your child and their teacher Explicit teaching and modelling of: Genre types Sentence / paragraph structure Vocabulary choice

Writing techniques and strategies for a variety of text types (e.g. essay writing) Mathematics Number & Algebra (4 Operations, Place Value, Money) Measurement & Geometry Statistics & Probability (Chance & Data) Problem solving Understanding, Fluency,

Problem Solving, and Reasoning Mathematical Norms Open ended problems with low to high entry points Physical Education - We will also be exploring the skills of Volleyball and Tennis, European handball and applying them to modified game situations. We will also

further advance our knowledge of the different rules and strategies of these games - We will also be exploring a range of Winter sports such as AFL, Soccer, Tee-Ball and Netball and competing against other schools in our district over seven weeks. CNPS Cross Country is also on in March Arts Visual Arts - Explore and Express Ideas - Visual Arts Practices

- Present and Perform - Respond and Interpret Students will participate in one 50 minutes session each week. The focus in Term 1 will be on creating 2D artwork using a variety of materials and media. Subject matter will relate to Inquiry themes, the environment and structures. Students will be expected to show planning through research and preparation. Italian Wellbeing

Weekly wellbeing classes covering: Self management Self-awareness Social awareness

Relationship skills Sex education Responsible decision making Cyber safety Schoolwide Positive Behaviour Inquiry Leaders Worth Following - What makes a great leader? Who Has The Right? - How have the rights of people changed? Whos the Boss? - Government: Do we need them? You Can Save the World - How will we endure future challenges? STEM

- Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics The STEM Design Process

Research Plan Build Test Modify Evaluate Communicate Science SCIENCE INQUIRY SKILLS (Mini Units - Chemical, Biological, Earth and Space, Physical)

Questioning and Predicting Planning and Conducting Processing and Analysing Data and Information Evaluating Communicating Camp

Term 2 Wednesday 23rd to Friday 25th of May 2018 Camp Wyuna Queenscliff - Marine Environmental education Outdoor Education Sports activities Rock pool rambling on the local rock platforms at low tide Beachcombing Instructed initiative Activities Mountain bike Safaris

Low Team Initiatives - Dune Walks A series of survivor activities and challenges at Camp Wyuna enables groups to focus on developing teamwork, leadership, communication and participation Home Learning Reading - 20 mins at least 4 nights a week - record in diary Mathematics - Worksheets will be provided after pre-tests

(such as Essential Assessment) that are individualised Additional home learning - one off tasks in different subject areas; Writers Notebook; research; Task grid Use of diary Communication Face to face Personal email SeeSaw Compass Diaries Online newsletter

Thank you! CNPS Fete Sunday 18th March The committee are looking for more volunteers. Please let the office know if you are interested in helping out.

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