Social Enterprises and socially responsible awarding of contracts Ing. Marek Juha Vice-chair University of Northampton 8.6.2016 EXAMPLES OF BEST PRACTICE Group of companies and we have a job for you Job positions for people facing disadvantages in the job market are created in the companies and as a part of their other non-profit activities. WWW.MPVP.CZ


Reception Administration Accounting Sales representative Storeman Driver Garden work Maintenance work Cleaning work Auxiliary work in kitchen Growing oyster mushrooms Work in a garden and a small farm Beekeeping Processing bee products

Administrative Centre CASTLE ARX Invest a.s. Owner of the premises in Brno-Malomerice, Jarni 50 Services: Lease of offices, commercial and manufacturing Premises (cca 4.500 m2) Lease of accommodation facilities (cca 3.500 m2) Lease of garden and processing area (cca 3.500 m2) www.achrad.cz Social enterprise SIMEVA s.r.o. Support of job positions for people with schizophrenia and other

people excluded from the job market Main goals: Building work routines of clients, enhancement of their selfesteem and chances of successful re-entering to the job market Integration-oriented social enterprise in time, clients will leave the company and assume a sheltered job position or enter open job market. www.simeva.cz Social enterprise SIMEVA s.r.o. Occupational therapy work rehabilitation Regaining basic work routines Acquiring basic work-related knowledge Contract of 1/3 of a full time job position (i.e. 4 hours, max. 3 times a week) Possibility of working together with a work assistant or social worker Close co-operation with non-governmental organizations offering social services

Sheltered job positions Strengthening of basic work routines Enhancing basic work-related knowledge Contract up to a full time job position (average is a part time job position) Work under supervision of more experienced colleagues in work teams Individual work on particular contracts Job Agency Creation of job positions at free labour market. Employer hires a particular employee on a contract. Social enterprise PRADAKOS s.r.o. Main goals: Building and keeping work routines of clients, gaining practice in their first job, enhancing their self-esteem regarding inclusion at the labour market

Services offered: Facility management Administrative centre CASTLE Lease of offices, commercial and manufacturing premises Co-working premises www.virtualnikancelar.cz Accounting and tax advice Training/advice regarding establishment and running of nongovernmental organizations and social enterprises www.pradakos.cz Social enterprise HLVENKA s.r.o. Creation of sheltered job positions for people with health disabilities and support of people with limited competence and restricted access to labour market Main goals Integration of people with health disabilities back to labour market Services - activities Growing oyster mushrooms

Distribution of fresh mushrooms Distribution to restaurants, health food shops, markets and individual customers www.hlivenka.cz www.cerstve-houby.cz Social enterprise CIBAR s.r.o. Creation of sheltered job positions for people with health disabilities and support of people with limited competences and restricted access to labour market Main goals Integration of people with health disabilities into work Services - activities Car maintenance Deliveries www.cibar.cz

NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES JUNE 1, 2016 IN THE MPVP GROUP Total number of employees Employees with disabilities (from the total No.) men women PRADAKOS s.r.o. SIMEVA s.r.o. HLVENKA s.r.o.

CIBAR s.r.o. 21 58 20 10 20 54 19 9 2 29 19 10

19 29 1 0 SUMA 109 102 60 49

Company People with health disabilities People with health disadvantages People with health disabilities (more than 50% are people with psychiatric illnesses) People who are social excluded Youngsters and young adults Caregivers of relatives and close ones Mothers after maternity leave Long-term unemployed, registered at the Labour Office for longer than


AIMS OF THE CHAMBER OF SOCIAL ENTERPRISES Raising public awareness concerning social entrepreneurship Promoting support of social entrepreneurs and enterprises Supporting effective cooperation of social entrepreneurs and social enterprises in order to exchange long-term experiences Putting forward activities which promote development of social enterprises, particularly in public administration political representation and local government Co-operation with subjects in the area of social entrepreneurship abroad

Thank you for your attention Ing. Marek Juha [email protected] mobil: +420 602 500 559 www.komora-socialnich-podniku.cz

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