English My Way 2018/19 Tutor training webinar @EnglishMyWayUK #EnglishMyWay facebook.com/EnglishMyWayUK Key Aims Some of the features of English My Way Familiar with English My Way website Familiar with resources and lesson plans Familiar with sources of support / training

Introduction English My Way supports adults with no or low levels of English to better integrate with their local communities. The focus is on isolated groups of women. Introduction Funded by the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) The programme was built with consortium partners

British Council (Year 1+2) developed the syllabus BBC Learning English Good Things Foundation Good Things Foundation A social change charity, helping people improve their lives through digital. A world where everyone benefits from digital. Financial literacy, health & wellbeing, employability, civic participation, community integration and loads

more! Online Centres Network A social movement of over 5,000 grassroots community organisations Tackling digital and social exclusion by providing people with the skills and confidence they need to access digital technology A big club with a shared vision! About you?

In the chat box write Your current role? Briefly describe your centre If you have used English My Way before? How much? The programme 24 week blended learning programme Content to support 96 hours of learning tutor led classroom based sessions volunteer led group activity online learning

www.englishmyway.co.uk The programme 145 centres funded to deliver the programme in 2018/19 How to use the English My Way website

The website The site is designed for tutors to support delivery of the programme: register and manage learners/classes complete Learner Questionnaires access content and resources to support delivery generate management information Learners will use the site to access the online learning element of the programme

Administration and Monitoring Eligible learners Learner fields data Contract requirements Gender A minimum of 90% of learners must be women

Age 100% of learners must be 19 years of age or older Time in the UK 100% of learners must have been living in the UK for over 12 months Employment status

100% of learners must be unemployed/underemployed English language 100% of learners must have English language skills below Entry Level 1 What is a registration? A full registration is when a learner has covered:

All learner details input through Management System on English My Way. 1 to 18 completed on Learner Questionnaire What is a completion? A full completion is when a learner has

covered 100% of all topics in Getting Started 100% of at least 9 Topics All topics in Next Steps (including at least 8 short assessments) a completed learner questionnaire All registered learners must have a learner questionnaire to ensure that eligibility is met. Questions 1-18 must be completed at

registration, and the remainder upon completion of the course. English My Way support Supportive centre visits Types of free support available: Get feedback about your sessions Detailed action plan and follow up support Create tailored training to meet your needs Enable peer observations and local

networking Learn skills to transfer to any teaching context English My Way support Online Professional Devel opment Explore themes more deeply Interactive tasks Factsheets

Videos English My Way support ESOL Nexus CPD modules and articles British Council seminars online Teaching English MOOC: Professional Practices for English Language Teaching UK online ESOL Specialist Network

English My Way support National Association for Teaching English and Community Languages (NATECLA) ESOL Research Forum Jo Gakongas teacher training videos www.elt-training.com Excellence Gateway EMW website Getting started | 12 topics | Next steps All About Me and Daily Life - must do | in that order Session plans with links to resources: paper-based, audio/

video and online activities (for learners) Usually 6 sessions per topic final session sums up learning/ personalises topic. EMW lesson plans Lesson plan features Aims and objectives Careful staging to achieve objectives Mix of skills Games and active learning Differentiation and learning checks

EMW delivery Write reasons why the points below are important for our learners in the chat box Literacy important, but speaking / listening first.

Situations learners need now / near future. Participatory approaches; active learning; learner centred Avoid too much teacher talk in class. CELTA/ Cert TESOL gives a) specialist language input b) observed teaching practice. EMW delivery Learner centred - learners speak more in lesson: 80% to 20%; teacher is facilitator Active learning - variety of activities e.g. games; movement around the class; body as well as brain

Participatory learning - learners communicating about real things from their lives; maps e.g. of local area; calendars of relevant events; rivers story of their life; Reflect for ESOL EMW delivery Look at EMW topics knowing your learners, which would you use first? Out and about Employability (x 2) Me and my childs

school Healthcare Shopping Accessing local services Things I want to do

Technology in our lives Where I live Keep in touch @EnglishMyWayUK #EnglishMyWay facebook.com/EnglishMyWayUK Julie Day: English My Way Consultant [email protected]

Keep in touch Vanessa Kirby-Firth: Network Specialist (Grants) [email protected] or 0114 349 1634 @vkirbyUK Nadeem Shan: Network Specialist (Grants) [email protected] or 0114 349 1629 Holly Bagnall-Bell: Grants Manager [email protected] or 0114 349 1635 @hollyisonline

Hub Centres ACDA Skills Training Go Women! Alliance Safety First 11 Edward Street Saunders House c/o Adderley Children's

Centre, 52-53 The Mall St. Saviours Road Bradford Ealing Birmingham

BD4 7BH W5 3TA B8 1HN Vick Virdee [email protected] Yasmin Akhtar

[email protected] 020 3290 1128 0121 3272997 Off Wakefield Road Glenda Graham, Chris Graham and Don Davidson [email protected]

01274 727233 07709 642 243 .

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