The places YOU will go WHERE TO GO? WHAT TO DO? Workforce What do I want to do? Do I need additional training or certification? Apprenticeship? Civil Service position? Military Training Enlisted (83% of the military) Commisioned Officer (17%) College Certificate Program

Two Year College Associate Degree or Transfer Prgms. Techical College Certificate, Two yr. & Four Yr. Prgms. Four Year College Bachelors Degree Combined degree programs GOING DIRECTLY INTO THE WORKFORCE Searching for Employment: NYS Department of Labor https://www.labor.ny.gov/home/ Federal Employment https://www.usajobs.gov/ Workshops Available to those seeking Federal Employment to create a profile and apply on USA Jobs https://labor.ny.gov/ workforcenypartners/career-centerevents.shtm

Civil Service Positions and Exams NYS- https://www.cs.ny.gov Direct Support Assistant Trainee Dev Disabilities Treatment Aide Trainee Food Service Aide e Grounds worker Motor Technician Plant Utilities Assistant Public Work Wage Investigator Verbatim Reporter Oneida County http://www.ocgov.net/oneida/personnel Most entry level positions that do not require higher education within Public Schools, BOCES, Government offices, Corrections, and Transportation are civil service and require an exam. Account Clerk

Assistant Cook Automotive Mechanic Helper Bus Driver Clerk Corrections Officer Court Attendant Custodian Courier Daycare Worker and hundreds of others Apprenticeships On the job Training Under the direction of a journey tradesman 1-6 years, depending on occupation

Paid training Apprentice Fact Sheet https://www.labor.ny.gov/formsdocs/app/P535.pdf Electrical Carpenters Bricklayers & Masonry Iron worker Firefighters Pipefitters Sheet metal workers Welder Over 100 occupations to choose from Visit the NYS Career Center: Rome Working Solutions 300 West Dominick St., Suite 1

Rome, New York 13440 http://www.working-solutions.org/ [email protected] Stu oft dent the en li s m s mit job elve s th s to a visi t are ble Local Retail and Service Industries

Military Careers Enlisted Personnel make up 83% of the military workforce, typically hands-on Research the different branches of the military to determine which is right for you. Army Air Force Army Reserve Air Force Reserves Army National Guard Air National Guard Marine Corps Navy Marine Corps Reserve Navy Reserve Coast Guard

Coast Guard Reserve Discuss options with a recruiter (bring family member & list of questions) Job Options are determined by ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Assessment Battery) score. The ASVAB is administered annually in November for Juniors and Seniors interested in exploring military career options. See Mr. Tuggey to register. If you are interested in gaining specific training through the military, secure the commitment in writing prior to signing for enlistment This is a BIG commitment both for you and the military. Make sure you are fully informed about what you are committing to and for how long. Signing bonuses? Education? Next: Pass ASVAB

Pass Physical Meet with a Military Career Counselor to determine occupation Oath of Enlistment Reporting for Basic Training can be up to a year later 8-12 weeks of basic training, followed by an necessary advanced training Non Commissioned Officers They rise up through the ranks of the enlisted. They are recommended by their leaders to take a more active roll in the organization and leadership of the enlisted personnel Commissioned Officers (4 yr. degree) These are the leaders of the military, responsible for supervising every aspect of military responsibilities ROTC: Most common. Commissioned officers rise up through an ROTC program

offered at over 1000 colleges and universities. Officer Candidate School (OCS)/Officer Training School (OTS): This is for college graduates with no prior military training or enlisted personnel with over 90 college credit hours and recommendation for advancement Service Academies- Very Competitive. Lengthy application process. Provides both academic and military training. Tuition and fees are paid by the military in exchange for military commitment. Students are a commissioned officer upon graduation Direct Commission These are offered to professionals such as doctors, lawyers, engineers, and the clergy, necessary for an effective military. They earn higher entry salary based on expertise. Certificate Programs offered by community colleges, technical colleges, and some area BOCES programs. Provide Hands-on training for specific jobs without general academics EXAMPLES: Administrative Assistant (30 hours)

Airframe & Power Plant Technician (42 hours) Carpentry & Masonry (41 hours) CNC Machinist Technology (35 hours) Photography (28 hours) Surgical Technician (38 hours) Welding (35 hours) AND MANY MORE https://www.mvcc.edu/academic-programs/certificates http://herkimer.smartcatalogiq.com/en/2017-2018/College-Catalog/Certificate-Programs APPLY ON-LINE to the college Fall of Senior Year Every College is Different They have different criteria & deadlines What are the admission requirements? Do I qualify?

Do they offer my intended major? Is ACT/SAT admission testing required? What type of admission decisions do they offer? Regular Early Action Rolling Admission Early Decision What are the deadlines to apply? What is the cost to apply? Do they offer fee waivers? What are the requirements for Financial Aid? Deadlines? FAFSA CSS Profile YOU NEED P

E E K O T TRACK The Common App Requirements Tracker Will Help Are there college specific scholarships I could qualify for? Deadlines? Community College Typically guaranteed admission BUT NOT guaranteed program admission

Admission to specific programs are competitive and there are typically a limited number of seats available. STUDENTS NEED TO: FREE Apply directly through their specific college website. Typically there is NO application fee Apply early (prior to Thankgiving), before seats are full in the program of interest. Technical Colleges Flexible: Offer Certificate, Two Year, and Four Year Degree Programs Hands On Education/Experiences Admission Requirements depend on the program you wish to enroll in:

ACT/SAT requirements? GPA requirements? Always best to apply early because the seating is limited in each discipline Utilize the Common App for Technical Colleges, if available http://www.commonapp.org (Chrome or Firefox) FOUR YEAR COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES Apply through Common Application www.commonapp.org Unless offered for a lower application fee or free through a different venue Admission Types: Rolling- Accept applications until the program is full Regular- Normal deadline for admissions

Early Action Apply Early, find out decision early (Non-Binding) Early Decision Apply Early, can only apply to one college under early decision. Upon acceptance, student/high school must withdraw all other applications (BINDING AGREEMENT) Know what the options are and the deadlines for each What is the admission criteria for your program of choice? Are ACT/SAT scores required? Optional? Most require letters of recommendation (usually no more than two) from teachers. Are there supplemental essays or materials that are needed? Is an audition or interview required? Application Process 1. 2.

3. 4. 5. Application Options Common App/Direct App through college Start the Common Application at http://www.commonapp.org by creating an account Add Schools Review How do I apply Link to Naviance (for school information submissions) After completing the following in Common Application, 1. Basic Information 2. Education Section

3. Add at least one college under college tab 4. Complete the FERPA for one college listed Open your student NAVIANCE account, go to the college tab, Colleges I am Applying to enter the email used for your Common App account, confirm birthdate, and click Match Re e t No Tran t s

que Tab t p scri LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION REQUIRED? If so, how many Personally ASK teachers if they would write a letter of recommendation on your behalf. Supply them with a copy of your resume and any other materials they request. Follow up with a request through your NAVIANCE account (College Tab) SCROLL DOWN to bottom This opens the portal so recommendations uploaded into Naviance will be submitted through your Common Application.

Letter of Recommendation School Counselor & School Forms Counselor Letters of Recommendation are required for most technical schools and four year colleges. They do not count as one of the Teacher recommendations. Provide your counselor with a copy of your resume at least two weeks in advance of any submission deadlines If there were extenuating circumstances that had an impact on your academic performance that we are unaware of, please let us know so that we can include a statement to that affect when writing the letter of recommendation. TRANSCRIPTS for ALL COLLEGES Requested through Naviance for electronic submission. If you add a new school to your list, LET THE GUIDANCE OFFICE KNOW Unless you tell us, we dont know to look again after the initial batch of college materials is sent out (Transcripts, Recommendations, School Reports)

Documentation Requested by Colleges INITIAL TRANSCRIPT FIRST REPORT CARD MID-YEAR TRANSCRIPT END of the YEAR TRANSCRIPT & CONFIRMATION OF GRADUATION College Night and College Rep Visits College Night WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 11th 6:30-8:00 in the Lg. Gym In addition, we will have guest speaker doing a FINANCIAL AID presentation at 6:00 that evening College Rep visits Listen to the announcements, posted on Naviance Get a pass from the Guidance Secretary to attend Both are opportunities to interact with the admissions counselor from the school. Let them know if you are planning to apply. They make note of interested students and it can help when they are reviewing your

application if you have been someone exploring opportunities & trying to establish whether there college is a good fit for you. What percent of the students share your major? What clubs do they offer that might be of interest? Do they do service trips abroad that might be of interest? What kind of activities do they offer on weekends? Do they help establish internships and opportunities for job experience? FINANCIAL AID Gateway to Financial Aid Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Application opens October 1st for 2018-19 school year. Must complete FAFSA to be eligible for any aid from the college, including Merit Aid www.fafsa.ed.gov There are other similar sites that are a scam to refer you to this one Watch OUT

Some Federal Programs (SEOG) have limited funds so the earlier you file the FAFSA, the better Federal Student Aid State Student Aid Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) must attend NYS College GRANT $ College Aid Merit & Needs Based Scholarships Loans Financial Aid Package Compare Financial Aid Packages BEFORE

making a final decision Tuition, Estimated Expenses, and Fees for their institution MINUS Federal, State, and College Grants, Scholarships, Loans, and Work Study BALANCE = $ you must come up with to meet expenses CAN EXCEED Estimated Family Contribution National & Local Scholarships National Scholarship Search: Fastweb.com Naviance National Scholarship search Local Scholarships (most January-May) Naviance Under Local Scholarships (Download applications)

Whiteboard in Guidance Office Hardcopies Below Scholarships can come from many different resources. Parent employee benefit or student employer Clubs, associations, foundations Armed forces, Peace Corps, AmeriCorps Civic organizations Community service oriented Athletic Leadership Searching is FREE! No need to pay for any services. Just takes some work!

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