Pen High Counsellors & Contacts Counsellor by Alpha (Students Last Name) Ms. Richter (A-G) Ms. Dunnett 6372 (H-O) Mrs. Redford (P-Z) [email protected] 250-770-7750 ext 6477 [email protected]

250-770-7750 ext [email protected] 250-770-7750 ext 6029 Mr. Nackoney (OHA & KISU) [email protected] 250-770-7757 Mr. Knowlton (Trades & Youth Apprenticeship Programs) Book appointments online: www.CAREERS67.ca 1 Applying to Post Secondary Institutions 2

Post Secondary Application Process Plan first When possible, visit some campuses and sit in on visiting institution presentations. REVIEW ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS: every college and university has its own entrance requirements. Ensure you are in the correct courses to gain admission. Use research tools like the post secondary institution websites and the post-secondary viewbooks in the counselling area. 3

Post-Secondary Visits at Pen High Visits September 24 September 26 October 15 October 16 Business November 7 November 25 PSI Night Dalhousie University University of Alberta UVIC Gustavson School of

Queens University University of Calgary 4 Applications Institutions open for admission at different times, but most open in early fall. Application deadlines are different for many institutions. For example, to be considered for UBC Major Entrance Scholarships or an early offer of admission, applications must be received by UBC by December 1st. Most schools require online applications and application fees, which are non-refundable. Fees range

from $27 - $100 for domestic applicants, and $100+ for international applicants. Note that applications are not considered for admission until the application fee is paid Follow all application instructions and do not miss deadlines! 5 https://apply.educationplannerbc.ca EducationPlannerBC is a centralized online service that allows you to apply for admissions to these postsecondary institutions in BC: Camosun College College of New Caledonia Emily Carr

Langara Northern Lights College Simon Fraser University University of the Fraser Valley Capilano University College of the Rockies Justice Institute of BC Nicola Valley Institute of Technology Okanagan College Thompson Rivers University Vancouver Community College Coast Mountain College Douglas College

Kwantlen Polytechnic University North Island College Selkirk College University of Northern BC Vancouver Island University For institutions not using ApplyBC, there are links to their application service on the educationplannerbc.ca website. 6 Is more than just an application service! Advice, information & resources to help you plan your educational journey.

Program information WOW: Who offers what searches Scholarship and bursary searches Resources for joining the workforce Budgeting resources And more... 7 Applying out of province? Most colleges and universities have application links on their websites. Most post-secondary colleges and universities in Ontario use a registration tool similar to

EducationPlannerBC called OUAC http://www.ouac.on.ca 8 HOW DO I GET IN? EVERY INSTITUTION HAS ITS OWN RULES & GUIDELINES! Many BC post-secondary institutions calculate admission averages differently! Ex. UVIC Arts/Humanities: English 12 + 3 approved grade 12 courses with the highest marks Ex. UNBC Arts/Humanities: English 12 + 3 approved grade 12 courses with the highest marks and one additional grade 12 course (elective or academic). Ex. OC Nursing: English 12 (min. 70%), Bio 12, Chemistry 12 +

one approved gr 12 course (with the highest mark), along with Pre-Calculus 11 (or Foundations 12), Chemistry 11 and Biology 11. *Grade 11 courses are required but not used in admission average calculation. 9 EVERY INSTITUTION HAS ITS OWN RULES & GUIDELINES! Ex. UBC is encouraging applicants to present a minimum of 6 grade 12 courses. UBC will also be looking at all grade 11 and 12 academic courses when calculating averages and students must submit a Personal Profile in addition to their application. Ex. SFU admissions are based on a minimum of 5 programspecific approved grade 12 courses. Admission evaluation will also be based on all grade 11 and grade 12 courses take from SFUs approved course list.

Ex. Some PSIs require a Language 11 to enter while others expect you to have a Language 12 before you get your degree. Know where you want to go and what you need to do to meet admission requirements. READ the fine print! DO your research! 10 Admission Requirements University Approved Courses This is a list of the university approved courses offered at Pen High this year. In general, students need at least four of these courses to apply for university programs. **Some programs will not accept all of these courses. English Studies 12 BC First Peoples 12

Law Studies 12 Human Geography 12 French 12 20th Century World History 12 Math 12 Calculus 12 Physics 12 Anatomy & Physiology 12 Chemistry 12 Social Justice 12 Franais Langue 12 Economics 12 ** For UBC, courses taken online/through distributed learning must be complete by February 1 to be used for admissions purposes. For SFU, this date is January 31. Every school is different. Make sure you know! ** 11

How do I get in? With competitive marks Some institutions have minimum mark requirements in grade 11 or grade 12 courses. Ex. UBC Vancouver & SFU: English 11 or 12 must be 70%+ Ex. UBC Vancouver BSc.: PreCalculus 12 must be 67%+ Ex. UVIC Engineering & Computer Science: PreCalculus 12 mark must be 73%+ Ex. VIU Nursing: 67%+ in Chemistry 11, PreCalculus 11 (or equivalent), Biology 12, English 12. Institutions may look at gr 11 course marks if required gr 12 courses are taken in the second semester, but the final admission average is calculated in July. 12

Sept 2019 Admission Information UVIC 80%+ for most faculties; Business: 85% + supplemental; Elementary Education and Engineering: 85-90%; Kinesiology and Nursing: 90% or higher (both have very limited seats) SFU Consideration starting from low to mid 80s UBC-V Consideration starting from mid to high 80s + strong personal profile

UBC-O Arts, Science, Human Kinetics, and Management: mid to high 70s% Engineering: low to mid 80s% Nursing: high 80s% (very limited seats) Fine Arts mid to high 70s% + Portfolio OC Associate of Arts/Transfer program: English at 60%; Associate of Science/Transfer program: Eng12 60%+ & Math 12 50% +

Institutions post minimum averages for consideration, but cutoffs for admission may be considerably higher than the minimum. Some courses may be weighted more heavily for admissions. For example, in addition to the admissions average, SFU and UBC both look at all relevant grade 11 and 12 courses and are advising students to focus on their overall 13 academic performance to fall within competitive range. Where to go from here How flexible are you with your chosen program or institution? Does your academic average meet admission requirements? Do you have a back-up plan? Plan B to your chosen program may get you into your institution of choice Choice #1: Engineering Choice #2: Sciences

Plan B (or C) for your chosen school may eventually get you into your program of choice Choice #1: UBC: Bachelor of Science Choice #2: UVIC: Bachelor of Science Choice #3: Okanagan College: Associate Degree in Science 14 Once you have checked admission requirements & decided where to apply... Complete applications & pay fees Complete transcript form to release grades Check email or university portal to complete all remaining tasks (self

reporting, etc) Apply for awards Apply for housing if needed Accept offer and pay deposit 15 TRANSCRIPTS How do universities get my grades? Check your email & university accounts for application updates and instructions regarding admission procedures. Some schools ask for students to self-report their grades (ex. UVIC, UBC). This must be done before their deadlines. Student Transcripts Service provides online selection form for

official transcripts to be sent from the Ministry of Education to your chosen post-secondary schools. Official School Transcripts may be requested at the school office (blue form on Mrs. Rigbys desk). *FEW schools require this* 16 Student Transcripts Service http://www.StudentTranscripts.gov.bc.ca Use this site to 1. View grades & unofficial transcripts to obtain grades for selfreporting *you can also see provincial exam marks and the numeracy exam marks on here 2. Order & send transcripts 3. View transcript order, status & history 4. View BC scholarships

**This is the only way that many of the institutions will accept and receive your interim and final marks!!** 17 Housing Applications Separate applications are required Housing applications should be submitted at the same time as admission applications when possible Pay the housing application fee Check websites for specific information Some universities now offer guaranteed housing for 1st year students (ex. UVIC, VIU and UBC) Housing at most institutions is limited and is available first come, first served.

18 REVIEW Research institutions and programs of interest Research entrance requirements for each institution and program to which you plan to apply Research application procedures and deadlines for programs & housing Have Plans A, B & C for academic programs Have Plans A, B & C for universities or colleges Be mindful of all updates, dates & deadlines Keep all university, college, and award application login IDs and passwords somewhere for reference Start Now. Dont wait until the last moment! 19

Final Steps Check email regularly for correspondence from institutions Accept offer and pay deposit Speak with an advisor at your university about first year courses prior to registration date Register for courses 20 SCHOLARSHIPS & BURSARIES GETTING STARTED 21

What does it cost? An average cost for one year of university while living away from home is approx. $15 000 - $20 000. A four year degree would then cost $60 000 - $80 000. In comparison, one year at Okanagan College while living at home: $4 250. 22 SCHOLARSHIPS Monetary award given to applicants who demonstrate excellence in academics and/or extracurricular activities

~ many scholarships require leadership roles, community involvement, volunteerism, etc. BURSARIES Monetary award to applicants who demonstrate financial need and satisfactory academic achievement 23 BORROWED MONEY Student Loans: designed for applicants who meet criteria & have need. This money must be paid back to the government after graduation.

Apply online in the spring: https://studentaidbc.ca Student Lines of Credit: credit accounts available at all major financial institutions; allow students to borrow money as needed up to a certain amount for the year. This money must be paid back to the bank. 24 TYPES OF SCHOLARSHIPS & BURSARIES Some are tied to specific schools while others arent Offered for a variety of

achievements Funded from various sources: governments, non-profit organizations, private institutions, special foundations or donors Takes work to research and often have a fairly substantial application process 25 PENTICTON SCHOOLS SCHOLARSHIP & BURSARY FOUNDATION Local awards given only to SD 67 Students Approximately $250,000 awarded last year Approximately 120 students received between

$400 - $5000 in awards last year Meeting in early spring to go over details and to register for application forms Attendance at the lunch hour meeting (Feb/March) is mandatory for students who wish to apply for local awards 26 GRADE-BASED ENTRANCE AWARDS Some universities and colleges offer grade-based entrance awards where recipients are automatically selected on the basis of admission averages UVIC entrance scholarships are awarded to students with an average of 85% and higher, and

range in value between $1500 - $26 000 SFU gives $2,500 upto full first year costs for 90s% UBC does NOT give grade-based award money, but if students apply for admission before Dec 1 they are considered for 27 UBC Major Entrance Scholarships. Other Entrance Scholarships Other awards require separate applications, and grades & leadership/community service/additional criteria must be met Be sure to visit the website of each institution for details on scholarship and bursary information

28 Youth in Care Youth who have been in the Ministrys care (past or present) are eligible for free tuition in BC. Be sure to book an appointment with your counsellor to discuss this opportunity if youve lived in foster care. 29 WHEN TO APPLY Award application deadlines begin in October and

continue until the beginning of first year (students also keep applying for awards while at post-secondary school) Many awards cannot be deferred if students take a year off after graduation Check the specifics of each individual award for criteria, information & deadlines! 30 STAY ORGANIZED Keep a scholarship binder or electronic folder List all the scholarships you apply for and their application deadlines Keep a copy of every scholarship application you fill out (much of the information will be the same)

Applications should be 100% correct (proofread!!) 31 HOW TO START Parents & students should like the Pen High Scholarship and Post-Secondary Information page on Facebook OR check the school bulletin regularly for updates. Start online searches Talk to Mrs. Redford! 32

Like Our Facebook Page For Updates! 33 Not on Facebook? The same updates are also shared in the Pen High school bulletin, which can be found on the school website! http://www.sd67.bc.ca/school/pentictonsecondary/Pages 34 Online Resources www.educationplannerbc.ca https://www.bcscholarships.ca

www.yconic.com www.scholarshipscanada.com www.disabilityawards.ca www.schoolfinder.com www.canlearn.ca studentawards.com 35 Aboriginal Awards National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation Awards https://indspire.ca/?s=scholarships BC Hydro Aboriginal Scholarships http://www.bchydro.com/community/community_investment/scholarships.html#abo riginal Okanagan College Aboriginal Student Awards

http://www.okanagan.bc.ca/administration/students/aboriginal/awards.html RBC Aboriginal Student Awards Program http://www.rbc.com/careers/aboriginal_student_awards.html Aboriginal Learning Links http://aboriginallearning.ca/scholarshipsbursaries/ 36 Tips for Parents Be involved in the process Set deadline reminders Complete applications WITH rather than FOR your child Award money typically arrives AFTER tuition is due, so plan accordingly

37 Trades and Apprenticeships 38 Are you interested in going into the trades after high school?? PAID TUITION CONSTRUCTION MECHANICS ELECTRICAL


Students looking to apply to be part of an apprenticeship program must: be attending and in good-standing at an SD67 school be of school age have displayed an interest and skill in the apprenticeship area within high school have submitted a successful SD67 apprenticeship application approximately 1 year before program start date meet all post-secondary school deadlines for applications and fee payments 40 Pen High Counsellors & Contacts Counsellor by Alpha (Students Last Name) Ms. Richter (A-G)

Ms. Dunnett (H-O) Mrs. Redford (P-Z) [email protected] 250-770-7750 ext 6477 [email protected] [email protected] 250-770-7750 ext 6372

250-770-7750 ext 6029 Mr. Nackoney (OHA & KISU) [email protected] 250-770-7757 Mr. Knowlton (Trades & Youth Apprenticeship Programs) Book appointments online: www.CAREERS67.ca 41 PSI Night Session Info Session 1 7:05 - 7:40

Session 2 7:45 - 8:20 Session 3 8:25 - 9:00 *mini fair style 42

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