'Your Son and Social Media'

'Your Son and Social Media'

your son and Social Media Social Networking sites (SNSs) These are online services platforms or sites that focus on facilitating the building of social relationships.

Contains of representation of each user, often a profile, his/her social link and variety other apps. INTRODUCTION Though in broader sense means individual centered services, they are

group centered. More exposure in the 21 Century. st Television and internet has opened the world to children.

Information Technology (IT) more present in peoples daily lives. Smart phones, tablets, mobile devices, computers, play stations and the internet are all easily accessible. Transformation

necessity. of the digital world into a COMMONLY USED SNSs WORLDWIDE LIST ON THE SAME-SNSs Facebook

Telegram Google+ Instagram Twitter Imo Skype

Chaton 2go Gmail/yahoo Whatsapp chats Most popular social networks in 2015

n o i l l i b 8 2 . 1

n k o o i l l o i b m e

c 5 Fa 4 6 n o i r l l

e i tt i m 0 Tw 8 4 n o

i l l e i n m o z 8 Q 6

n 2 o i l l i o m b 0

b n 0 o Ha 2 i l l i n

m I d 0 e 5 k 1 n i L

m a r g n a t o i s l l

In i m 0 8 Hi5 Most popular social networks as at April 2016: Facebook

1.59 billion WhatsApp 1 billion QQ 853 million WeChat 697 million Instagram 400 million Twitter 820 million Skype 300 million Snapchat 200 million MOST POPULAR SNSs AS PER JUNE 2017 Facebook

1.9 b Youtube -1.4 b Instagram 700m Vine-200 m WeChat 697m Classmate-57m WhatsApp 1.5 b QQ 9.2 m

Skype 400 m Twitter 1b SNSs have received a great embrace by the teenagers/students 2011 research in Britain showed 50% of British employers had banned their use citing

low production. if it had great impact on employees who in most cases were adults, what of teens? In my research (2013)- Effects of Social Networking Sites on teens/students Behavior and Academic performance.

globalization (world being a small village)contact of different cultures altered the norms or enhanced them Being an emerging issue, it has not had much attention from local scholarly field.

Though less emphasis, SNSs have had a great impact on teenagers in urban and rural areas where technological development are paramount. If prudently used they benefit otherwise it becomes detrimental to their behavior and academic performance due to social Drama.

This talk is not aimed at polarization against SNSs, but shedding light on their effects and probably suggests possible solutions to the negative impacts. Guidance is needed as children move in the digital world; it is an environment

requiring human virtues. It is not a matter of rules or a list of criteria; a matter of sound judgment; consistency in all environments, even virtual ones. ADVANTAGES OF PRUDENT USE OF SNSs SNSs can benefit teenagers who are shy to express

themselves face to face. SNSs It can be a useful tool for information gathering. builds identity for adolescents Through self reporting, a teenager may enhance

language. Self esteem can be enhanced. The world of work is transformed; new possibilities opened up through the use of technology. Professional

activity via email, video and teleconferencing. A head start in IT gives the children a competitive advantage. NB..Youth is a time in which great ideals are

discovered and awakened, a time for seeking meaning of life in all its greatness and beauty. Often, however, the world around us weakens this aspiration by putting before us pleasures,

compensations and artificial promises of paradise which curtail the heart and hinder the young from being generous towards God and towards others. A consumer society that pressures people into harmful and superficial entertainment.

Young people are always capable of getting enthusiastic about great undertakings, high ideals, and anything that is genuine. St. Josemaria Escriva. DISADVANTAGES OF NOT USING SNSs PRUDENTLY As a matter of fact, disadvantages outweigh SNSs advantages. This means that parents have to be extra cautious and monitor them since most schools dont allow phones and

other internet based sites. DISADVANTAGES OF NOT USING SNSs PRUDENTLY Cyber bullying/Cyber predators -victimization-chaos- because the internet allows its users to be anonymous through pseudo profiles. - Daily nation newspaper dated 25th January 2013 where a chat turned to a reason for suicide.

-Allen et al 2010, in their book-Developmental psychology pg55 I quote on the internet, no one knows you are a dog. Change of language- with new acronyms and code words that can only be learnt through these sites. E, g (BRB,B4N,DBEYR,RBTL, LOL,0IC, X0XO Interpersonal

communication has been replaced by SNSs as socializing force hence parent-teen conflict. Friendship formed online is more often shallow, casual and short lived Insecurity-sharing inappropriate or too much

information may be a source of concern for parents. Lack of motivation-as result of procrastination, student may lose motivationinner wish to do well in a particular area. Due to much time and addiction teens dont get enough time to rest this leads to truancy or not

paying attention in class as they term learning as boring. False identity. With the filters and other apps, one can represent him/her self in a way he/she is not. They also want to belong and this can lead to dangerous groups like Alshabaab, gaza to name but few. Dangerous

online games can lead to some one ending his life or some other harmful acts. E. g Betting, Blue whale online game where users are dared to commit suicide In a school set up, we can summarize these challenges as: Sharing of inappropriate content: jokes; videos; pictures; anecdotes.

Incitement: against teachers, parents, classmates, etc. This undermines relationships. Inattention during lessons and study. Attempts

to recreate the chats in class: books; notes passed around. Peer pressure: anything to belong to group; stealing; defiance; rebellion. False identities: exaggerated perception of self & family for praise.

THE QUESTION IS -HOW do we MANAGE IT? Be that mirror- How much time do you spend on the phone especially during family time? Make a clear difference on what is evil and use for

evil. Let him know that having a phone is a privilege and not a right. Keep Own him short of money. up when these challenges face you and dont

shift blames. Restricting the use of the internet to certain parts of the house, e.g. the sitting room. Do not have unrestricted internet access/ Wi-Fi in the house. Switch it off at night. Find ways of periodically checking what they view.

Use filters on computers used. On filters you can ask for help from An I.T technician. Exposure to good ways of using leisure time, e.g. sports, good movies, reading, social work, farming, etc. Be

open to discussion on: -What is the appropriate age for him to have a smart phone? -Whats the meaning of acronyms and other coded languages? Share interesting videos and anecdotes that we have received.

Acquisition of a sense of responsibility and commitment in the tasks entrusted to them. Keep the mobile phone during weekdays and CAT weekends Fostering

order in what should be done at each moment: study, work, etc. Ground rules regarding use of electronic gadgets during family gatherings: meals and get-togethers. Importance of concentrated study done

with a professional approach. Explain to the boy various groups that we belong to and their benefit. ON IDENTITY You have a right to inspect the sim-card.

After all it is registered under your name. Ask for the phone. Look at content of messages, groups belonged to, etc. Encourage them to Show themselves as they truly and habitual act.

Bring the awareness that, everything done online is never completely private. Alterations or copies can be made, and one never knows who will read it or when: possibly even years later! (Screenshots)

Monitor registration on Whatsapp groups; Facebook; Instagram, etc. This will help you truck down the type of identity he portrays on SNSs and who he really is.

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