Year 12 2016

Year 12 2016

YEAR 12 2016 PREPARATION FOR FUTURE SUCCESS TONIGHTS LEARNING GOALS 1. Understand what the short term future looks like? 2. To unpack the possible pathways 3. To understand the proposed timetable model 4. To debunk some University myths 5. To empower parents to help their children to aspire to success. THE FUTURE

What do the numbers say about Aldridge students? 1. 25% of students attend University 2. 24% are enrolled in training (Tafe etc) 3. 6% get more than 25hours work per week 4. 21% work part time 5. 24% are unemployed / looking for work THE FUTURE How do we compare? 1.

Australian Youth unemployment is 13% - ours is 24% 2. 40% Qld students go on to attend University 3. 50% of Brisbane based students go on to attend University we have 25% 4. Nationally 60% of students who commence a Vocational training qualification fail to complete it mostly due to low literacy and numeracy skills THE WAY FORWARD? Further Education! (Students completing University earn 40% more than their peers over their lifetime)

We can do very little to influence the local employment prospects in Maryborough. We can assist students to continue learning. LEARNING PATHWAYS 3 key strategies 1. Increased and improved pathways to University 2. Access to Vocational training delivered by external providers (VETiS) 3. School to Work Programs These have been offered in Yr 12 to allow students to delay their specialisation as long as possible. Not many know what they want to do.

SCHOOL TO WORK PROGRAMS Qld Training has facilitated a range of programs across the Fraser Coast to improve pathways to work and boost employer confidence in young people. These are: GenR8 Certificate II Logistics in association with the transport industry Health Services Certificate II in Health Support Services FLYER AVAILABLE Please contact Julie Terry (School To Work Oficer) Parent information Evening at Susan River Homestead

5:45pm 19th Aug VETiS We have negotiated to offer 6 programs through TAFE East Coast. Certificate II Kitchen Operations Certificate II Tourism Certificate II Sport and Recreation Certificate II Automotive Servicing Certificate II Engineering Pathways Certificate

II Furniture Making These programs will run on Thursdays and will involve no cost except possibly for transport. Most programs will run from TTC or Hervey Bay. Students will officially be TAFE students on these days . UNIVERSITY PATHWAYS Students can access University through a range of pathways inc: Get the required OP for the course and apply through QTAC Tertiary preparation Programs Headstart programs

Early entry programs Regional Disadvantage Our location greatly limits opportunities for our students UNTIL NOW!!! TARGET We want to meet the Qld average 40% attending UNI SOME UNIVERSITY MYTHS Its too expensive to live away from home! Relocation grants

Centrelink eg More detail next year when we do the Yr 13 program There are no jobs at the end! Graduate employment rates are greater than School or Training graduate employment rates. HECS is too much Typical 3 year program costs approx. $15,000 You earn 40% more over your lifetime than someone without a degree. WHAT WE CAN OFFER 1.

Uni of the Sunshine Coast 1. 2. Headstart in Sem 1 Yr 12 negotiated with our IPS status 1. @Gympie 2. Scholarship funded 3. Studying COR 109 mandatory subject 4. No HECS 5. QCE credit 6.

12 week program 7. Passing allows an Early Offer into USC 8. Requires a B grade minimum Early Offer Guarantee 1. Entry to USC at the schools discretion with the exception of Law and Midwifery WHAT CAN WE OFFER? Uni of Southern Queensland Headstart in Sem 1 Yr 12 In Maryborough at the HUB or online Fee free Studying a range of university subjects QCE Credit 12 week program Passing guarantees entry into the relevant degree / course

Requires a B Grade average Tertiary Preparation Program - TPP and TPP(IP) Allows any student to complete a preparation course and on successful completion gain entry to the relevant qualification. TPP(IP) is designed for High School students to complete over the Christmas break to commence Uni in Feb (same as their mates) WHAT CAN WE OFFER? Central Qld University 1. SUN (Start Uni Now) Program 1. University subjects completed on line. 2. Done at school on a Thursday 3. Allows entry into relevant courses / degrees 4.

Fee free 5. QCE credit 6. Specific details on the CQU website HOW MIGHT WE MAKE THIS HAPPEN? We have begun designing a timetable model which minimises the classes on Thursdays (Day 4 and 9 on the timetable). This way students will miss little if any school when involved in these programs. Day 4 (Thursday week 1 of the timetable)

Independence Day prep for being self directed learners Maths and English tutorial style QCS preparation Study Yes you have to come to school we dont trust you just yet SUBJECT SELECTIONS OP eligible students Can continue to study 6 subjects at school

Can study 5 + a Headstart subject Can study 5 + a VETiS course Can just study 5 subjects NON OP students Can continue to study 6 subjects at school Can study 5 + a VETiS course Can just study 5 subjects

May be able to study less than 5 subjects dependent upon pathway and QCE Neither Maths or English are required to be studied KEY DATES & INFORMATION Yr 12 Subject Guide available on school website EVENT DATE LOCATION Parent Evening 28 July K Block USC Parent Visit 14 Aug

Bus to Sippy Downs School to work Programs 19 Aug 5.45pm Susan River Homestead FURTHER DISCUSSION & QUESTIONS 1. SCHOOL TO WORK Mrs Julie Terry in K06 2. VETiS Mrs Debbie Pacey in K05 3. UNIVERSITY Mr Dodd / Mr Blyth in K03

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