Year 12 Expectations Evening - Trinity School, Carlisle

Year 12 Expectations Evening - Trinity School, Carlisle

September 2015 Year 12 Information Evening Year 12 - Welcome Outstanding Sixth May 2015 form students provide excellent models of maturity for younger students Meet the team! Mr Winter Mrs Medley Head of Sixth Form Assistant Head of Sixth Form

Mrs Ogilvie Student Manager Mrs Little Sixth Form Office Mrs Fleming Student Manager Mrs Tait Sixth Form Office Contacting Sixth Form AWI Mr Winter Phone: 01228 516051 ext 263 Email: [email protected]

TME Mrs Medley SOL Mrs Ogilvie [email protected] AFM Mrs Fleming MAS Miss Ashton SQG Mr Quigley DME Mr Medley CWO Mr Wood

CRO Mrs Rowley EJY Mrs Joyce SBR Miss BreaHerrero GSB Mr Stables AHY Mrs Hemingway CHE Mrs Heslop WPH Mr Phillips IBA

Mr Barker JGI Mrs Giles JSO Ms Southwell School Comms Student timetables and examination timetables Newsletters, Important trip information, club timetable, etc messages such as snow closures Information

about parents evenings and other important events. Warnings of student work deadlines on 516051 or e mail at [email protected] Life as a Year 12 student Requirements for Success Typical Day 08.25am 08.30am Warning Bell Period 1 09.30am end of Period 1 09.35 Period 2 10.35am Break

10.55am Period 3 11.55am end of Period 3 12.00 12.25pm 6th Form Tutor Time 12.25 13.05pm Lunch 13.10pm Period 4 14.10pm end of Period 4 14.15pm Period 5 15.15pm End of School Enrichment/Twilight Absence Contact the sixth form office before 9:00am on the first day of absence and preferably each day thereafter. Students should bring a written note for absences of 3 days or longer. 01228 516051 ext 263 95% attendance required <90% drop grade per subject <85% drop 1 grade per subject <80% drop 2 grades per subject

Support and Intervention Monitored Stage Start where students find the transition to 6 th form difficult 1 8 unauthorised absences 8 recorded late marks 5 Behaviour logs 1st Breach of Sixth Form conduct Stage 2 8 further unauthorised absences 8 further recorded late marks 5 further Behaviour logs Failure to meet stage 2 targets

Stage 3 8 further unauthorised absences 8 further recorded late marks 5 further Behaviour logs Serious Breach of Sixth Form conduct Dress Code Acceptable Smart well maintained jeans Trousers Skirts of an appropriate length * T-shirts/Shirts Jumpers/cardigans/ sweaters Smart footwear (trainers & canvas shoes are OK but should be clean In extremely hot conditions smart, tailored shorts of

appropriate length* Not acceptable Ripped or worn jeans/ joggers Short/ clingy skirts Vest tops/tops with thin straps/ low cut tops Sandals(in practical subjects)/ flip flops Visible slogans Extremely styled /unnaturally coloured hair e.g. purple, green, blue etc Uncovered facial piercings (excluding earrings) Hats, except as outdoor wear Leggings/jeggings of any type. We expect Sixth Form students to take full responsibility for their learning This means: Contributing to discussions and responding to answers in class

Ensuring that material learned in class is reviewed at home or in non-contact time Persisting with work when it is difficult and asking for help/clarification when needed Meeting homework and coursework deadlines Using non-contact time productively and attending all private study sessions as required Improving and learning Students will improve if they are challenged They will all need to be prepared to work hard on difficult work Students will be successful in Year 12 if they work hard to the best of their ability consistently, regardless of how well they achieved at GCSE. Courses Changes

allowed in the first two weeks. Students are not allowed to drop courses Students must pass 3AS or equivalent subjects to progress to Y13 To continue a subject to continue to A2 students must achieve at least a pass (grade E) at AS All students continue with all subjects until results day. New AS Levels Some As Levels have changed this Sept, some change Sept 2016 or Sept 2017. Biggest change is in assessment and content AS marks no longer contribute to A Level scores. This year all year 12 will sit exams at end of Year 12. Useful for tracking progress and employers

and University offers. UCAS points change summer 2016 Supporting Learning in Sixth Form Support we offer Mentoring and coaching Referral to external agencies Support from school Organisational skills Note taking chaplain Motivational coaching UCAS/Personal statement Careers & Opportunities to potential employers meet

How can you help? Students are expected to complete around 1 hour of private study per hour of taught study Ensure they have a suitable workspace Monitor the amount of part time work (no more than 8 hours) should not be during school hours, 8.30am 3.30pm Help with organisation/revision Maintain home/school contact Exam Boards What to look out for! Folders and Organisation Specification Exam papers Mark schemes

Examiners reports Dividers We check these each term! Students must use their organisers! Destinations 158 Students in Year 13 July 2015 University Gap year/other Apprenticeship Carlisle College 7.05% 3.85% 11.54% 77.56% Destinations

University Destinations 50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) )

% % % % % % % % % % 5 3 i (3 3% (2% 7 4 4 3 3 3 3 ( ( (

( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( 3 3 1 ( ( ( t a ni ire ni ni es m ork n ni eld pe i

e s a a p r U U U U U o Y b le h m l r r or r M gh er ou bri ffi H s

o e e o h e m l r o t st M ste tin ca ha est st Sh oo G um Cu p O a e n r l

r t c a e h u Ch rp h n ch e No se rth L c w v D o i e s l e o L

an iv l J an N tra N L Ru o M M n po e r C ve i L 9% ) 1%

) 0% ) 9% ) No of students ) ) Raising Aspiration! 158 student questionnaires 87% of students wished they had worked harder in

Year 12 Students were asked to rate how much more difficult AS studies were compared to their initial perception (1 = same as perception 10 = Much harder than perceived). The average number was 8.9 67% of students wished they had been more organised 71% of students wished that they had used they had used their study time more effectively. Key Dates Interim reports Thursday 22nd October Thursday 3rd December Thursday 28th January 2016 Thursday 24th March 2016 Parents

Evening (Thursday 10th March 2016) Mock Exams Mon 22nd Friday 26th Feb 2016 Exams begin 16th May, last exam 29th June Btec Deadlines set by individual subjects Key Dates Harvard University Visit Tuesday 13th October Oxbridge University Visit Mon 2nd Nov Futures Ready Visit Wed 13th April 2016 Work Experience Begins Mon 18th July 2016 Must be arranged by Mon 29th February so risk assessments can be completed on time. Work experience must be something

students are thinking about doing as a career Students arrange, support from careers adviser. Come and have a chat! Any questions please ask!

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