Your Presentation Title Here - Jen Springer

Your Presentation Title Here - Jen Springer

Gods Ancient Secret Medicine Jen Springer Monty Moran Today Youll Discover What churchly gift the Egyptians considered the universal cure all, from gout to a broken head. Why aromatic plants & oils are mentioned 1,035 times

in the Bible. The 1 botanical recipe you need to protect you and your family from ravaging pathogens that rob your health. How to stop a headache in its tracks without aspirin, the same thing is also great for colicky babies! What ritual the Roman gladiators did before battle to give them courage & protection. And just wait until you see what I have in store for you, what secret formula Jesus & Moses used for fighting plagues & healing the sick You gotta stick around for

this one! Who Are We & Why Should You Listen To Us? Jen Springer 10 yrs natural health practice Monty Moran 20 yrs in fitness industry Weve moved our

education from local to online to spread this need to know message to more people What are people sayin? I have Monty as a trainer because he cares about me and getting results. Hes pro caliber and has had many opportunities but chooses to stay in

town why not take advantage of that? -Karl Baumgarten I do use the Oils daily! At one point in my life I had high anxiety. After receiving Abundance oil I started applying it daily. Before 3 weeks were over it occurred to me my anxiety was almost nil! This oil has helped me immensely. Abundance is awesome! Twila Hendrickson Thanks again Jen, I am so grateful for your story, as that has been my story for the last year. It is so

freeing to finally get some answers.- Amy Hotchkiss What Were Doing Here Today Modern Medicine is Dangerous God Doesnt Want You to Be Sick Taking Care of Your Body Temple is Easy

Before we go any further Anything we tell you is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any illness or disease; it is strictly for entertainment purposes. By further participating in this webinar you agree this is not medical advice. Because many of the ideas we are sharing with you are proven to improve health you may want to quit taking meds without

talking to your doc. DO NOT DO THAT! Modern Medicine is Dangerous Over 225,000 people a year die from medical errors Fiction has nothing on this This info is direct from JAMA Journal of the American Medical Association

(vol. 284, No. 4, 2000) 3rd Highest Cause of Death 160,000 people die from properly dosed meds 80,000 people die from hospital acquired infections 12,000 people die from unnecessary surgery 7,000 people die from hospital medical error 20,000 people die from other hospital errors

Errors are inevitable Doctors PRACTICE medicine, they are human Anti-biotics are the #1 abused med with long lasting health deteriorating effects Resistance, Destroyed Flora, Side Effects What is the solution?

Stay . . . healthy out of the hospital off medications! Suzanne Somers I like the natural approach to health. I also am very excited about cutting edge, non-drug solutions to everyday common complaints Every time we take pharmaceutical or over

the counter medicines we are putting chemicals into our bodies. The toxic assault has reached catastrophic proportions and in order to save ourselves from the damage done to us by the environment, finding nondrug remedies is especially appealing and life affirming. God Doesnt Want You to Be Sick Now, when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of

Judea in the days of Herod the King, behold, there came wise men of the east of Jerusalem and when they had opened their treasures, they presented to him gifts: gold, and frankincense, and myrrh. Matthew 1:3 and 1:11 The Bible, King James Version Gods Medicine mentioned 1,035 times

Have you ever wondered why those gifts were given to baby Jesus? They were medicinal to protect him Anti-infectious, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antitumoral, and antiparasitic. Our inner voice knew there was a better way We were considered healthy even though we felt fatigued, got colds/flus,

weight struggles, blood sugar problems, nagging aches/pains, allergies. We searched, then one blessed day the oils came into our lives. They corrected issues that modern medicine had no answers for. If its good enough for Jesus, its good enough for me!

Aromatics such as frankincense, myrrh, galbanum, cassia, cinnamon, rosemary, spikenard were used for anointing & healing. In Exodus, the Lord gave the following recipe to Moses for a holy anointing oil:

Myrrh: 500 shekels (about 1 gallon) Cinnamon: 250 shekels Calamus: 250 shekels Cassia: 500 shekels Olive Oil: an hin (about 1 1/3 gallon) Not just Jesus & Moses Egyptians, Babylonians, Greek

Alexander the Great, Romans, Arabians, Hindu, Saint Hildegard, Aztecs, Mayans, Native Americans, Chinese They all knew the power of aromatic botanicals that gave life and vitality to their people . . . WITHOUT HARMFUL SIDE EFFECTS! Andrew Weil, MD

Research worldwide is now validating the French acceptance of aromatherapy as a medical modality. You cannot patent Gods medicine, only his hand could make something so great. Taking Care of Your Body Temple is Easy With Gods Medicine

K.I.S.S. Essential oils are multi-function, simple to use, and people dont die from using them! The hardest part is finding oils pure enough to be therapeutic and not cause harm. Is it a sin?

Many people believe not taking care of the body temple is a sin. Is knowingly taking medications with harmful side effects a sin? We prayed to feel good, we knew that living exhausted and depressed is not Gods will then the oils came Why Oils? Essential Oils are 100X more

powerful than dried herbs, ie: More bang for your buck! Typical side effect? Looking younger and thinking clearer. They are natural (or should be) and not made in a sterile lab. They have life force! Oils vs. Mainstream Calming blend: Diffuses anxiety and

insomnia vs. addictive tranquilizers Black mold blend: Stops black mold in its tracks & never comes back vs. ripping building to the ground Purifying blend: Used in the air it neutralizes odors vs. toxic chemical cover ups Weve lived it

3 horses normalized thyroids Severe cat allergies Anxiety & panic Spiritual connection

Asthma Blood sugar This is the tip of the iceberg Weve barely scratched the surface on this topic. If you want to know how you can turn your health around today, then check out what

we have for you Established in 1993. Largest privately owned organic herb farm in the world. 4,500 acres of farmland on three continents, with a product line of more than 400 essential oils, nutritional supplements, and personal care items. Company with a Christian foundation.

Untainted Biblical oils, the way God meant them Every Day Oils Non-Toxic 1st Aid Items

Gods Medicine Simple to Use Retail price: $151.32 Lemon Circulation / Water Weight Virus & Bacteria Fighting Immunity Lavender

Burns Cramps (All Kinds!) Lowers Stress Hormone (Credit: American Chemical Society) Headaches Upset Stomach Fevers / Hot

Flashes Peppermin t Thieves Black Mold Serious Immune Help! Bad Bacteria

Peace & Calming Relaxing De-Stress Soothing Valor Centering & Balancing Courage

Chiropractor in a Bottle Pan Away Soothe Sore Joints Overworked Muscles Everything Ouchy Frankincense

Gout to a Broken Head Spiritual Connection Inflammation Purification Cuts & Scrapes Stinky Odors Mosquitos & Bugs

AND 12 Oils of Ancient Scripture Jesus & Moses Apothecary Rarest Oils on Earth Mentioned Specifically in the Bible

Retail price: $262.83 12 Oils of Ancient Scripture

Frankincense 22 x Directly, 59 Indirectly = 81 Myrrh - 18 x Directly, 138 Indirectly = 156 Aloes (Sandalwood) - 5 x Directly = 5 Galbanum - 1 x Directly, 54 Indirectly = 55

Myrtle - 6 x Directly = 6 Hyssop - 12 x Directly = 81 Cassia - 3 x Directly, 65 Indirectly = 69 Onycha - 1 x Directly, 54 Indirectly = 55 Cypress - 1 x Directly, 4 Indirectly = 5 Cedarwood - 5 x Directly, 65 Indirectly = 69 Spikenard (Nard) - 7 x Directly, 10 Indirectly = 17 Rose of Sharon (Cistus) - 1 x Directly, 2 Indirectly = 3

The Complete Package! Everyday Oils $151.32 12 Oils of Ancient Scripture $262.83 Retail Value = $414.15 But Were Not Done Yet

1st Bonus: Natural Experience 90 Everyday Uses Common Ailments

Start the Easy Way Retail price: $20 2nd Bonus: Quick Reference Guide Super Fast Reference How Tos for 50 Ailments! Oils Anywhere, Anytime Retail price: $5

3rd Bonus: Healing Oils of the Bible Over 300 Pages of Gods Medicine Unrivaled Christian Natural Healing Book Outline for Bible Study Retail price: $19.95

4th Bonus: Ningxia & Peppermint Immune Support Gentle Detoxification Super Nutrition

100% Junk Free Retail price: $78.29 The Complete Package! Everyday Oils $151.32 12 Oils of Ancient Scripture $262.83 Bonus #1: Natural Experience $20

Bonus #2: Reference Card $5 Bonus #3: Healing Oils of Bible $19.95 Retail&Value = $78.29 Bonus #4: Ningxia Peppermint $527.06

But You Wont Pay $527.06 $475.15 You wont even pay $450.14 Order RIGHT NOW And you get the entire package for just one low payment of $414.15 (+ local tax & FedEx Ground shipping)

This Next Offer Isnt for Everyone Are you penny wise? Always getting a deal? Not Even Close to $414.15 How About A bigger discount = wholesale pricing.

$349.95? SAVE $177.11 Other Bennies 24% all future orders Teach 12 Oils of Scripture Message to Your Church Earn Referral Checks No Annual Fees Part-Time or Full-Time Income by

Helping Spread the Word of Gods Medicine SAVE $177.11!!! $40 off Diffuser Coupon!

Negative Ions in Your Home Best Protection for Bugs Ideal Delivery for Improving Breathing Get Rid of SUPER Toxic Air Fresheners Forever! Relax, De-Stress Do it Like the Professionals Starter

Pack 5 ml Peppermint e 5 ml Lavender

h t o 3 Ningxia Travel Packs An More Educational Material f o 5

2 r$ ! ff Stu Get Conquering the Financial Kingdom and; Learn the 7 habits that

lead to poverty and financial struggle. Youll also discover Gods 10 Step Wealth Formula to create prosperity and success in your life. Retail Value: $9.95 Get Conquering the Financial Kingdom and; Learn the 7 habits that lead to poverty and financial struggle.

Youll also discover Gods 10 Step Wealth Formula to create prosperity and success in your life. Inside this CD Youll Discover: How the fruit of your choices show up in your finances! How to avoid the perversions that hinder your prosperity! How God rewards your spirit of excellence! Holy Scriptures! Total Savings of $252.06

These Bonuses, Next 20 People $5.00 $9.95 $19.95 $15.00

It Comes with a 30 Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee! Just Click Add to Cart Below RIGHT NOW!

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