Your Required Course Materials: Mankiw: Principles of ...

Your Required Course Materials: Mankiw: Principles of ...

Welcome to MAT 1300! Mathematical Methods I Your Course Text is Available at the Bookstore NOW! MAT 1300 Instructed by:

Professor Blute Professor Li Professor Kousha If you struggle with Math we Suggest that you purchase this: Mathematics Survival Kit 200 key topics typically covered in any first year

university calculus and algebra curriculum. Provides a concise and friendly review that gives students exactly what they need to continue to complete their homework. Each topic is covered in one page. Almost all consist of an introductory sentence or two, a first, very straightforward example, a second example illustrating a common variation, plus 2

extra questions with answers to reinforce the techniques. Technology used in MAT 1300: Enhanced WebAssign: You can either buy it bundled with your book or just buy the software. This technology will be used in your course

for practice questions, and will provide you with solutions and extra help Bundled Access Code EWA with eBook Bundled Access

Code EWA Home-Work Only Enhanced WebAssign Allows you to complete (optional) online homework assignments. Provides you with immediate feedback.

Helps you stay on track with the course. Includes rich, tutorial content to aid in concept mastery. Provides access to a digital version of your textbook (or relevant textbook passages. Will help you to succeed in this course. So, How Do I Log In?

Go to the Login page at Enter your class key and click submit. Class Key: uottawa 8115 7297

Confirmation Youll receive confirmation that your Class Key has been recognized. Click Yes, this is my class. Create Account or Login to an Existing Account

Create a New WebAssign Account Login to an Existing WebAssign Account Entering Your Access Code

Your EWA Home Page Homework Assignments MathPad & CalcPad EWA includes entry palettes to allow you to

easily enter the appropriate notation (when required) to submit you answers. Resetting Your Password Log in, then click My Options in the upper right corner. Enter an email address if none is listed. In Change Password, enter your new password, then

re enter your new password for confirmation. Enter your current password in the lower left corner. Click Save. What if I Forget My Password? Click Reset Password on the Login Page.

You will need your username, institution code and the email address for your account. Otherwise, your instructor is able to reset your password . Student Guide

Links to the WebAssign Student Guide are available on your Login Page and after logging in. The Student Guide Explains How to access and open assignments. How to answer various types of questions. How to ask your teacher for help. How to view scores and grades.

How to find additional resources. Online Purchase EWA & eBook Click on the link below: search/9781285857619 Cost $65 for one semester access

Need Help? Phone support: (800) 955-8275, then press 1 Email support: [email protected] See the WebAssign support page at

for support hours

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