Your Website Navigation

Your Website Navigation

Navigating Your Website What is Navigation? Website navigation is what helps visitors find information on your site. Navigation can be images, links, navigation bars and menus. Navigation should take the guess work out for your visitors Before You Build Navigation

How is your information structured? What is your audiences screen resolution? Do you have any trend information on what your audience uses most? What is your brand? Consider using focus groups, surveys to assist in deciding what should be included in navigation. Four Key Elements

Navigation should be: Accessible Meaningful Understandable Prevalent Types of Navigation Vertical Horizontal

Horizontal and vertical Navigation Menus Fly-out Dropdown

Expandable Navigation Menus Yahoo/custom style- Rollover (or mouse over)- Flash menu- Provide an option for that of left

navigation or a custom window driven navigation menu (referred as QuickView)that is similar to a mega dropdown with the exception the menu window remains on screen unless the end user selects to close it. On mouse over of each menu item, each heading visually changes and provides some textual description of the sub-items. Since this is a one-level menu, there must be a sub-level page that provides links to the sub-topics. Clicking on a heading opens the menu item to show its sub-items, and automatically closes the previously opened menu. The "auto-close" feature may annoy some users. More Navigation Options Footer Navigation:

Tabbed navigation: Mega dropdowns: Things like legal/privacy policies, contact, site map, FAQ, and other general information about the site or company. This is getting fairly popular, Im sure youve seen it before. Tabs make each section of the site clear, and provide clean organization.

More like little panels that dropdown from a navigation item that display many options. Navigation Best Practices Use same navigation on all pages Consistent placement of navigation

Provide breadcrumbs Provide a site map Use descriptive words on links If you use flash, offer text based as well Use CSS to emphasize links, or visited links Remember the three click rule Home Page Navigation Tips Always include a link to your home page as part of your navigation. A user may not enter your site on the home page, so make the navigation that they can use it no matter what page they enter your site on. Home page links should be clear and

concise and ALWAYS current. Other Key Points of Navigation Navigation layers generally exist in a good website design. Primary navigation (most important links, categories etc),

Secondary navigation (secondary links, subcategories etc), Position of navigation, link titles, number of links per page etc. Navigation Mistakes

Using confusing or lengthy flash transitions for navigation Relying on images to communicate hyperlinks content Having navigation lead to orphan or dead-end pages Positioning navigation different places on your site Making navigation same color, font, etc. as your content Adding sound on navigation Putting a link to every page on your navigation Going Mobile? Many users surf websites using their

mobile devices. For dropdowns and fly-out menus it is a good practices make the heading or top-level link a landing page. In addition to mobile devices, people with styles disabled in their browser may experience similar issues. In Summary Your navigation should answer: Where am I?

Where I have been? Where can I go? Your navigation should be consistent Your navigation should not be ever changing On-line Resources Usability:

Navigation: Footer navigation example: Tabbed navigation example http :// gned-tabbed-navigation/ Mega dropdowns exampleshttp

:// Questions? For any follow up questions, you may contact: Kathie Glassel: [email protected] 717-526-1010 x 3353 Or Nic Poague: [email protected] 717-526-1010 x 3354

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