Youth Basketball Coaches Clinic

Youth Basketball Coaches Clinic

YOUTH BASKETBALL COACHES CLINIC Goals What do you want your players to get out of this season? Have Fun Promote the game (Positive Memories) Be part of a team Learn the game Treat each player like they are all part of the team.

HELP PLAYERS LEARN THE GAME Remember, you will have some players that have the potential to play basketball at a higher level, and others will call youth hoop their career. Because of the diversity of talent/interest, take the time and effort into organizing your practices so each kid gets the chance to Get Better. FundamentalsFundamentalsFundamentals!

Shooting proper mechanics Dribbling right & left hand Passing different passes & timing Defense defend the opponent with the ball and deny the pass. #1. Shooting: Repetitionand practicing correctly.

Havlicek Shooting Perfect Shooting Lay-ups (R & L)

Block-Block (Elbows/Corners/Wings, etc.) Spot Shooting P.C Shooting 6-Minute Shooting Beat-the-pro/Bird-Cage/Jaguar Shootout #2. Dribbling: Ball Handling Dribble Protect & Dribble Speed Low dribble and use body to protectPush the ball out front on a fast break. Dribble Attack

Chair/Cone Drills 2-Ball Drills/Mirror Dribbling Dribble K.O/Dribble Tag #3. Passing: Partner Passing (Chest-Bounce-Over Head) Machine Gun Shuttle/3-man weave/5-Star/4-Corners Circle Clap Timing? Pass the ball when their teammate is cutting, not after the cut. Catching the ball is a

whole other discussion. {Dont forget, there is a defense on the court too.} #4. Defense: Playing D starts with all the clichs: (Attitude, Desire, etc). After all that, you must STOP THE BALL. This is best done by getting in the proper stance where athletes are quicker at reacting to what the offense is doing. DEFENSIVE DRILLS:

UCLA (Stance Drill) or Claw Drill 1v1 zig-zag 1v1 Deny entry passes 3v3 Shell Post Deny (Bull in the Ring)

4v4 Shell Drill Transition drills (Circle/4-44/5v3+2) REBOUNDING Umbrella Box-Out 1v1 Box out Challenge

2v2 Box out & play 4v4 Rebound Shell 5v5 Reb. & Transition HAVING FUN & PROMOTING THE GAME

Even at the high school level we resort to activities of FUN on occasion. Some that we do Free-throw ladder Bird cage shooting Beat The Pro! 11-man continuationFast break drills. Jaguar Shootout Some Coaching Advice:

Show up to all practices and games 10-15 minutes early. Stay after practice until all the kids have been picked up. Use the whistle to control practice. Coach through positive reinforcement. Address issues of attitude on the spot. Try to use scrimmage vests rather than shirts and skins.

Accept that you are there to help the kids. Wins and losses (The kids will keep an eye on the score) are byproduct of hard work and team work. SAMPLE PRACTICE TIME-LINE

6:00- Talk to kids, warm-up & warm-up drills 6:10- Offensive skill focus: Machine gun Passing & 3-man weave 6:20- Offensive skill focus: Block-Block, Elbows, & spot shooting 6:30- Offensive focus: Teaching your play(s) 6:40- Defensive skill focus: UCLA & 1 v 1 zig-zag 6:50- Defensive skill focus: 3 v 3 shell (Ball pressure, deny) 7:00- Team Defense: Teaching man-man defense 7:10- Scrimmage: 7:20- Fun Drills: 3v2 to 2v1, Jaguar Shootout, Beat the Pro, etc.

7:30- Conclude with brief talk with the team. QUESTIONS

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