Ysgol Rhiwabon

Ysgol Rhiwabon

Ysgol Rhiwabon Effective Feedback SMART At Ysgol Rhiwabon we have a particular way in marking students work and providing feedback. This is known in school as SMART. Ysgol Rhiwabon student guide to marking At Ysgol Rhiwabon we have a particular way of marking your work. This guide tells you what the colours mean, what the codes mean and how we mark your literacy (SPaG). What colour means what? A teacher will mark your work in Green Another student will mark your work in Red You will make corrections and improve your work in Purple Student Marking And Reflection Time (SMART) ** Two stars stand for two things which you have done well. This is how someone will tell you what you did well, so remember to do it again next time. ACTION This is how someone begins to tell you what could be even better about your work and it will help you improve for next time . HOW This is where written feedback will provide you with clear guidance or examples to show you how to improve. Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Guide Sp =spelling mistake Heb orffen = Unfinished P =punctuation mistake/missing Gwaith taclus = Neat work // =new paragraph Gwaith bler = Untidy work

^ =words missing Rhagoral = Excellent UC =capital letter needed Da iawn = Very good lc =lower case letter needed Da =Good ? =the meaning is unclear Boddhaol =Satisfactory G =the grammar of the sentence needs to be checked Verbal Feedback A teacher will stamp your book with the verbal feedback stamp. You will need to record the support and advice the teacher has given you by noting it around the stamp. Verbal feedback given Subject Codes (some subjects have their own codes, they can be written down here) _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ This sheet is shared with all students in school.

This ensures all students know how they will be feed back to and also what they need to focus upon to improve their work. 1. Y o clas u will c the swork omple succ te o ess r home a piec crite e w ria d ork us of in eve clas lope g s. d in Think about these questions when completing the progress comment on the SMART marking sheet. Did you follow the advice given? What have you learnt from it? Would you approach this activity differently next time because of what you have learnt? Could you use skills developed here in another subject. Give examples. SMART

MARKING e k will b ars r o w f t o piece . Two s 2. The our teacher ded. You recor d by y marke tion will be HOW to ac ly and an be told clear e. will improv 4. O n of w ce you o h ma rk du ave c r k pro e a co ing SM omple t gre m ss y men ART y ed the ou sinc ou t t ex p e im hink plain will t iece he in pro y ving ou ha g wh n the ve m at a wo rk. de HS 19/4/16 3. Time will be given in lessons for

you to reflect on targets and actions. Use a PURPLE pen to improve your work. The different coloured pen will help you and your teacher to see where you have made progress in your learning. Feedback to students on the SMART marking sheets telling them HOW to make improvements. Ensure that time is given to allow students opportunities to allow students to improve their work. Student Marking And Reflection Time Give students SMART opportunities at least once a fortnight for core subjects and once every 6/7 lessons for non core subjects. It can be 5 minutes - 30 minutes depending on how you plan to allow them to act on your feedback Allow pupils to use PURPLE pens to evidence where they have made improvements or completed SMART. Planning should incorporate appropriate, regular time for SMART. Students will also write a progress comment on their work. This will give valuable time to reflect about HOW they have made improvements and the next steps in their learning. You will then go back to mark the piece of work they have improved to check progress. HS 19/4/16 Effective SMART TIME

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